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On Disney Channel, there have been a number of great original movies that have appeared over the 40 years of the channel’s operation. These films were often created for a holiday period, such as Halloween or Christmas, but then became a staple of the channel.

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Some movies are heartfelt, some are hilarious, and some had really poignant things to say. And thanks to Reddit, it’s possible to see which films have managed to make a massive impact on viewers even years after their release, and which are considered the best in DCOM’s vast catalog.


Susie Q (1996)

A promotional photo of Susie Q

Susie Q features a 1950s girl who is killed on the way to a school dance and returns as a ghost in the 1990s. It was pretty dark for a Disney Channel movie, as the title character died in the very first scene, but it has stood the test of time as a great movie.

According to the Reddit user EspeciallyALurkerBefore, “I loved that one! I think they stopped showing it because, come to think of it, it was about pretty adult stuff. I had no idea what the grandfather papers were. father when I was a child.” While the themes may have been deemed too adult, those themes were part of what made the film so good.

Halloween Town (1998)

The Disney Channel has many great Halloween episodes, so it’s no wonder they also have a great Halloween-themed movie. Halloween Town became iconic, and according to a Redditor, the world the movie managed to build had a huge impact on their lives.

Mushroom says, “The creativity of Halloweentown was what mattered. It made for a fun adventure. In fact, I grew up in the town where they filmed the majority, and I’m blown away to this day how people find this important fact. People will travel for hours to come and visit it during the month of October, just for a selfie with a recreation of the iconic pumpkin.”

Eddie’s Million Dollar Kitchen (2003)

Eddie's Million Dollar Kitchen

As stated by Reddit user AmericanGumbo“My favorite DCOM is Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off. I was so ecstatic about this movie that my mom recorded it on VHS for me, commercials and all. This movie is about a teenager in the world sexism of high school baseball and home economics, whose cooking skills are as great as his skills on the field.”

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The movie had a great message about not conforming to gender roles and following your passions even when other people don’t care. Disney Channel movies were always at their best when they had something meaningful to say, and this movie is a clear example of that.

The Color of Friendship (2000)

The color of friendship is one of the most realistic movies on the Disney Channel, and Redditors love it for it. Like NotTheBomber said, it was “Certainly the most politically heavy of the DCOMs. I loved it, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really understood the importance of Mahree and the Dellum family connection.”

The film managed to tackle the subject of race in a way that was easily understood by children, and the main characters were both likable and realistic. It’s a film that still resonates with audiences today, despite being over 20 years old.

Smart Home (1999)

The Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House.

smart home is one of the goofiest movies on Disney Channel, but fans still love it and consider it a classic. According to the Reddit user xsedgesmart home was my favorite because I had a crush on this kid, Ryan Merriman. Plus, Katey Sagal was so cool in it. I remember it was pretty funny too.”

The movie is also apparently set to get a remake, according to Mushroom“My first action as a multi-millionaire will be the purchase of the rights to smart home, with which I will produce an R-rated gritty reboot. Seriously, a robot house traps the family inside and demands to mother them with the threat of deadly force. This concept needs to be revisited. »

Brink (1998)

Edge is considered the best movie by many Redditors. As a Reddit user No more waiting says, “I love Edge, I will still watch it to this day. I used to be really aggressive online, and when this movie came out, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen. I begged my parents to take me to the skate park every weekend.”

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Extreme skate sports were massive in the late 90s and early 2000s, so it’s no wonder this movie was so successful. The characters were fun, the skating exciting and it showed the importance of being passionate about something rather than just doing it for monetary gain.

Johnny Tsunami (1999)

Original Cast of Johnny Tsunami (1999)

Johnny Tsunami, a film about a young surfer who trains to become an expert snowboarder, is often compared to other Disney Channel sports films, but this one is truly special and manages to stand out. Like SalamadrAttackStrength says, “Johnny Tsunami [is the best Disney Channel film]. My plan is to have two kittens one day and name them Urchin and Sky.”

Many Redditors love the film for its fantastic acting, interesting location, and how it sent such a positive message overall.

Cadet Kelly (2002)

Cadet Kelly Disney Channel Original Movie

As stated by Reddit user edisonogCadet Kelly was a really fun movie, especially because Lizzy Mcguire [sic] was in it.” Many Redditors agree with this sentiment, as Hilary Duff was considered the princess of the Disney Channel at the time, leading many viewers to watch all she was and want to be like her.

But that’s not all this film has to offer. It also has a hilarious rivalry between the two main characters, a heartwarming discussion of step-parenting, and is a great example of a fish out of water story. It’s definitely a Disney Channel movie that deserves a sequel.

The Cheetah Girls (2003)

The Cheetah Girls

The Cheetah Girls was an iconic film. The characters were all fun, the message of female friendship was inspiring, and the outfits were instantly recognizable. As stated by eykitsa“I was obsessed with the cheetah girls for a hot second. I bought a Cheetah Girl doll and wore these leopard print felt cat ears every day to school for a month.”

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Not only was the movie great, it also led to two fabulous sequels, and the songs from each movie were incredibly catchy and are still popular among listeners today.

True Confessions (2002)

Tru and smiling Eddie in Tru Confessions

As stated by Redditor edisonogTrue Confessions was another movie my sister and I loved watching. Shia Labeouf was really good at it. The scenes of him getting lost in the library and his dad yelling at him for playing with watermelon always made me cry.”

The film features the relationship between two siblings, one of whom has a learning disability for unknown reasons. Often movies like this just focus on how hard it can be for the family, but this movie showed just how hard it can be for the person themselves, and Shia LaBeouf gives an amazing performance to that. regard. It is ultimately a film with a lot of heart.

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