10 comfortable rooms from movies


The oldest bed ever discovered dates back 77,000 years, according to the BBC. Found in South Africa, it is made from woven reeds and rushes, which were covered with a thick layer of insect repellent leaves. Measuring 2 square meters, or roughly 21.5 square feet, archaeologists say the single bed would have been large enough to hold an entire family and likely would have been comfortable enough.

Contrary to what we are used to today, however, the bed would have been in the central part of the family’s living space. Bedrooms, or designated sleeping areas, didn’t really begin to develop until the 17th century, when architecture began to shift from an open sequence of common rooms to a nest of private rooms. Even in ancient Rome, where the wealthy sometimes had separate alcoves for their beds, bedrooms were nothing more than little doorless cells tucked away in a central atrium.

One of the most important aspects of the home today is the bedroom. Whether it’s an owner’s suite or a small guest space, bedrooms are no longer just places to sleep, but comfortable havens that provide privacy and allow them to retreat from the demands of the life. In light of this history and in honor of the role bedrooms play in modern life, Sunday Citizen has compiled a list of 10 comfortable bedrooms from the movies. From opulent queen-fit bedrooms to mid-century modern bedrooms that are more utilitarian than luxurious, you’re sure to agree that these rooms are the perfect place to grab some zzz.


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