10 Marvel Comics That Would Make Great Animated Movies


Comics and animation go hand in hand – the two mediums fit together even better than comics and live-action movies, and DC Comics has taken full advantage of this since 2006. Their company’s animation division at least releases one movie a year, either adapting or merging stories from famous comic books.

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Marvel briefly dabbled in the same thing and released a series of eight animated films through Lionsgate, but called it quits after Thor: Tales of Asgard in 2011. That’s a shame, especially considering there are plenty of Marvel stories that probably won’t get a live-action adaptation but could be great movies nonetheless.

ten JLA/Avengers Is Too Ambitious For Live-Action

There have been intermittent crossovers between the two major comic book companies, but one of the most famous was JLA/Avengerswritten by then-current avengers team Kurt Busiek and George Pérez (a writer and artist equally famous for his contributions to DC). The series depicts the two teams opposed by Krona and the Grandmaster. Obvious copyright complications prevented the series from making it to print, and a live-action film adaptation would be far too complicated for copyright and production. But an animated film? That could be another story.

9 The Demon in a Bottle Could Tackle a Serious Subject the MCU Is Afraid Of

Iron Man may have been the face of the MCU, but the movies refrained from adapting one of his most famous comedic storylines: The demon in a bottle. Said through Iron Man #120-128 by numerous authors (writers David Michelinie and Bob Layton, art by Layton, Carmine Infantino and John Romita, Jr), the series sees Tony Stark descend into alcoholism. The story was not adapted into the MCU for fear it would be too dark, despite Jon Favreau and Shane Black’s desire to adapt it. However, an anime adaptation aimed at adult comic book fans wouldn’t have this problem.

8 Age of Apocalypse is an event that could support a trilogy

One of the most famous post-Chris Claremont x-men stories is The age of the apocalypse. Between 1995-1996, the x-men the books were set in an alternate universe where Charles Xavier had died before founding the X-Men. This led to a world where Apocalypse ruled, Magneto ruled the X-Men, and several familiar characters were quite different (Cyclops was a servant of Apocalypse, for one). The script has been teased to be adapted in Wolverine and the X-Men, but the series was canceled before its second season could tell the story. Since the X-Men movies made under Marvel Studios can’t just jump into an alternate universe tale from the start, an animated movie is the way to go.

seven 1602 is a high-concept miniseries ready to be adapted

Marvel 1602 Crew

Many of Neil Gaiman’s works have been adapted for film or television: Stardust, american gods, good omensor the next one from Netflix Sand seller series. On the comics side, Gaiman’s work for Marvel isn’t as renowned as his DC/Vertigo books, but Wonder 1602, a miniseries depicting a Marvel Universe set in the Elizabethan era, remains a fan favorite. Gaiman pitched a live-action TV adaptation of the series but was rejected, while Kevin Feige worried about the lack of a “built-in audience” for a 1602 live action movie. However, an animated film targeting comic book fans for its audience would have just that.

6 House Of M Is Unlikely To Be Directly Adapted Into The MCU

For better or worse, the comic storyline that most readers associate with Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch is House of M (Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel). Wanda is an important player in the MCU and the 2022s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness promises to give him one of his biggest roles yet. However, a House of M adaptation seems unlikely.

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For one thing, the story’s most famous moments, especially “No More Mutants,” hinge on Wanda’s connection to the X-Men, which her MCU counterpart lacks. Wanda Vision also already covered his reality warping powers. So the best place to tackle House of M is an unrelated animated film.

5 Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest are space epics worthy of Star Wars

Conquest of Annihilation

by Keith Giffen Annihilation revitalized the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, while Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning’s sequel Annihilation: Conquest was the basis of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy. Both stories, which see the galaxy besieged by Annihilus, then Ultron, then the Phalanx, are epic space operas comparable to star wars Where Mass Effect. Apocalyptic stakes don’t suit James Gunn’s comedic tone Guardians of the Galaxy movies, but both Annihilation the stories could make great animated films.

4 The Death of Captain America is a sprawling, mature political thriller

Captain America's Death

by Ed Brubaker Captain America the race may have been hampered by Civil war, but he made the most of it. Cap’s death was tragic and one of the most compelling fake superhero deaths in recent memory, but Bucky’s turn as Captain America was an amazing character arc to watch play out. While Brubaker’s run definitely influenced the MCU, the movies chose a different ending for Steve Rogers’ story and a different successor (Sam Wilson rather than Bucky). Adapt the story as a two-part animated film, in the vein of DC The death From Superman and Superman’s Reignwould be the best way to do him justice.

3 Infinity is an epic that deserves a direct adaptation

Hickman Infinity

Getting Out of the Races by Jonathan Hickman Avengers / New Avengers, Infinity is easily one of the best-received crossover events in recent Marvel memory. While Infinite, the Avengers head into space to ward off the threat of an alien race called the Builders. This leaves Earth vulnerable to an attack from Thanos, who has come to kill his inhuman son Thane. The storyline introduced Thanos’ minions, the Black Order, who appeared in the MCU during Infinity War & End of Game. The general scenarios of these films were inspired by Infinite, and the MCU is unlikely to feature Thanos again anytime soon. So animation is the way to go.

2 Spider-Man: Life Story would make the most sense in animation

One of the best recent Marvel stories – and the best recent Spider-Man story – was Chip Zdarsky and Mark Bagley Spider-Man: Life Story. The six-issue miniseries spans decades and chronicles the saga of Spider-Man if Peter Parker had aged in real time since his debut in 1962. Each issue corresponds to a successive decade, positioning the iconic stories of Spider- Man as occurring over the decades they were published (e.g. Gwen Stacy’s death in issue 2, chronicling the 1970s, while Miles Morales intervenes in the last issue 6, depicting the 2010s).

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The story spans decades, but is also compact. Despite hints at the wider Marvel Universe, the book remains focused on Peter and gives his journey an emotional edge. Given that Spider-Man has often been the character most hampered by the slippery timeline in the comics, seeing his story progress and come to a close is so refreshing. Considering the ages of the characters, the best way to adapt life story would be by animation.

1 Dark ages high concept perfect for animation

dark ages cover header

Tom Taylor is a master of high-concept AU stories. His hit mini-series Deceased saw a zombie apocalypse hit the DC Universe, as the Black Knights of Steel reimagines DC heroes and villains as players in a fantasy universe. The Dark Ages brings a similar setup to the Marvel Universe. In the story’s universe, a day like no other left the world without power, and the heroes were forced to pick up the pieces and create a new world.

Taylor’s AU books have the same fun of a big event. They also overflow with imagination to place familiar characters in new contexts. The Dark Ages has two issues to deal with, and unless the show is seriously stumbling towards the finish line, it would make for a good movie.

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