10 Modern Slasher Movies That Give The Classics A Run For Their Money


The horror genre may have evolved over time, moving from black-and-white creature features to arthouse films that delve into the tortured realms of the human psyche, but one thing that won’t go out of style ever is a scary individual in a mask chasing a group of victims to a secluded location with a sharp object. A classic slasher movie is still relevant in today’s modern era.

The likes of Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface will always be the titans of terror, but there have been modern alternatives that could give the old masters some fair competition. While the classics will always be classic, there’s always room for experimentation and new monsters and lunatics to pick up the blade.


There’s Someone in Your House (2021)

there's someone inside your house killer mask

In there is someone in your house, a horror film about masks and murder, a town full of secrets is hunted down by a slasher who wears 3D-printed versions of his victims’ faces. It’s a twisted tale of lies, deception, and false identities that draws as much from the murder mystery genre as it does from horror.

The clever use of specially designed masks is certainly a unique twist on the formula. This definitely brings the body closer to the head of the house for the characters and students surrounding the high school casualty list.

In the Dark: Pilgrim (2019)

A pilgrim wields an ax in Pilgrim

Holiday-themed horror movies aren’t anything particularly new, just watch movies like Halloween, Black Christmas, Krampusand Holidays, but a set around Thanksgiving is certainly special and almost unheard of. However, In the dark offers viewers an unsettling feast of fear with Pilgrim.

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When a family invites re-enactor pilgrims to spend Thanksgiving with them, they get a new lesson in what gratitude really means, along with a bloody grizzly dinner scene that would rival Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s definitely a stomach-turning slasher flick as the credits roll.

Haunting (2019)

A masked character in Eli Roth's Haunt

Haunt is a hybrid horror film that mixes genres of traditional slasher with Eli Roth’s trademark splatter film. Halloween has always been a fertile source of inspiration for horror movies, but using a roadside attraction with killers wearing vintage Halloween costumes is a great idea.

When a group of victims stumble upon a homemade haunted house, they fall into a trap set by a team of rather unsavory deceivers. They discover much too late that the scares and deaths in the attraction are all too real. It’s almost unquestionably more intense than the average John Carpenter movie.

Upgrade (2018)

movies like The Terminator showed that slasher motifs can translate to any time period, including a cyberpunk future. While no scary mask or knife is required, there’s something scarier about the protagonist becoming the slasher villain himself.

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The film is a techno-horror/action hybrid that puts a different spin on the rogue AI motif. By putting the killer into the body of a human host, a new type of terror is created and the threat becomes almost uncontrollable. Sometimes the scariest characters can only be superficial.

Trick R’Treat (2007)

Trick R Treat Movie

Although not that recent, special mention should be given to Trick or treats. Not only is the movie a horror story anthology with three solid slasher entries, but it’s a love letter to all things Halloween that would make Michael Myers’ head spin. It’s a horror movie worthy of a tribute to the scariest season of the year.

Not only does the film contain elements worthy of a slasher movie, but it also contains several other classic horror themes that are sure to draw viewers in. Vampires, zombies, werewolves and more all live up to this festive favorite.

Hush (2016)

This movie is what would happen if Halloween took a more practical and sensory approach. Wyatt checks a lot of the boxes for the typical slasher movie fair, like a victim in a secluded location being stalked by a masked assailant, but Mike Flanagan gives the formula a unique twist by having the movie’s heroine sound deaf and reflecting this fact in its audio of the film.

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The way the film plays with the audience in a sensory way is what sets it apart. In a way, they become just as vulnerable as the “last girl” in the film. A touch more subtle than most slashers, but one that no fan of the genre should ignore.

Party From Hell (2018)

Hell Fest - The killer in red

party from hell is what many would consider a return to form for the slasher genre, a simple premise with a remarkable setting and a tried-and-tested take on its masked villain. In a time when horror movies are getting more complex, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics.

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Just like movies like Halloweenand Friday 13, the film features a silent stalker who abducts a group of teenage victims one by one. Using the setting of a horror-themed theme park, he is able to hide in plain sight and increase his body count. Compared to other horror movies on the market, it’s a breath of fresh air.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Invisible man 2 error

The body count may be low, but it’s definitely an intense horror experience. Similar to Hush, the invisible man has evolved from a classic sci-fi novel to a sense-driven tale of terror with a touch of techno-horror as well. Swapping the potion for a stealth suit, the titular invisible man goes from creep to killer almost instantly.

It’s a film that really plays with the viewer’s sense of perspective. Any vacant space on set could be inhabited by the movie’s killer. Much like the protagonist’s predicament, they too are left to guess where he is and when he will strike again.

Candy Man (2021)

2021 candy man is not a remake, it is a reimagining. The movie completely tells the story of the Candyman mythos, infusing a more urban legend feel to the likeable slasher villain. Along with exploring sensitive topics such as racial issues and gentrification, Nia Decosta is creating a new Candyman for a new generation.

While it’s definitely a horror movie designed to make a statement, it still retains its slasher roots. A hook-handed killer will always be slasher material, but Decosta’s vision gives it a lot more substance and artistic delivery.

Fear Street Series (2021)

An image of Skull Mask, Ruby Lane and Tommy Slater in The Fear Street Trilogy

Inspired by the work of RL Stine, the street of fear The series on Netflix is ​​arguably one of the most impressive modern slashers of recent years. Blending elements of traditional horror movies with supernatural and meta themes, the series creates a modern classic with traditional tropes and themes.

Each entry in the series has something to suit a variety of horror tastes. The first movie is a Scream-like and simple slasher, the second is a summer camp massacre with a touch of the supernatural, and the third is complete Blair Witch with its spells and demonic entities. In short, it is the culmination of the best the genre has to offer.

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