2 minors indicted for theft of 22 cell phones and 10 bicycles


Thanks : Ramnagar Police in Dombivali arrested two local miners for stealing 22 mobile phones and 10 bicycles worth Rs 3 lakh. Police recovered the loot from their possession and authorities are currently investigating whether the duo were involved in any other incidents of theft.

Deputy Inspector of Police Yogesh Sanap from Ramnagar Police Station said cases of bicycle and mobile phone theft were increasing in their jurisdiction. Recently, a case was filed regarding the theft of two relatively expensive bicycles.

“Our team, along with a team from the criminal branch, was patrolling the Nandivali area in Dombivali on Saturday (August 20). We spotted the duo on their bikes. When we asked them about the bike, both said they stole it. We then checked their pockets and found an expensive cell phone,” Sanap said.

The minors – aged 15 and 17 – were then taken to Ramnagar police station with the stolen bicycle.

“We called the parents of the two minors and questioned them in front of them. Both confessed to stealing a total of 22 mobile phones from a house in Ayre village in Dombivali, as well as 10 bicycles from various parts of the town,” Sanap said, adding that police also obtained CCTV footage. of the area from where the bikes were stolen.

The two boys were sent to a remand center.

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