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Thanks to the ubiquity of Bury your gays trope — in which queer characters are killed off at much higher rates than cisgender heterosexuals — there has always been a dearth of movies and TV with queer characters getting happy endings. Or, at the very least, an end they survive to see. In fact, it’s hard to think of stories in which substantial queer characters don’t end up dead or heartbroken to the point of collapse. Popular movies and TV shows that have invoked this trope include “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Brokeback Mountain”, “Pretty Little Liars” (twice), “Black Swan”, “The Walking Dead”, “Teen Wolf” and many, many more.

The stakes for giving queer characters an equal chance of survival are higher than simply wanting more happy endings; continued use of the trope can be interpreted as punish homosexuality, or as a cautionary tale about what happens when you walk away from heterosexuality. That’s why when a rare TV show or movie subverts the proverbial queer death sentence, it’s worth noting and celebrating.

To this end, Stacker dug through the history of queer cinema to shine a light on 25 movies that, without giving too much away, didn’t end badly for LGBTQ+ characters. To be eligible, the film had to have a Metascoreat least 2,500 user votes on IMDb and at least an IMDb user rating of 6.5.

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