46 million mobile phones assembled in Pakistan in 11 months


Pakistan assembled a record 46 million smart and functional mobile phones in the first 11 months of the current fiscal year.

The best quality and smart mobile phones locally assembled and equipped with ultra modern technology have restored the confidence of buyers in Pakistan.

According to a press release published here, Pakistan’s engineering industry has great potential for growth and significant contribution to national development.

The Engineering Development Board (EDB) is fully committed to strengthening the engineering base by attracting foreign direct investment in this sector, which has one of the best liberal investment regimes in the region, associated with many natural resources and labor, the press release adds.

Meanwhile, the statement said EDB Chairman and CEO Almas Hyder will call the Governor of Punjab on June 23 (Thursday) to brief him on the board’s activities and the record number of mobile phone assemblies. smart and functional in Pakistan. He will also inform the Governor that foreign investors have shown strong interest in the cellular industry and a total of 31 foreign and local companies have been licensed, of which 21 are operational in different parts of the country while the rest are in setting up their factories. including Nokia.


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