9 Modern Movies That Reddit Users Say Have A ’90s Vibe


The recent release of sonic the hedgehog 2 reignited viewers’ love for the 90s, with the popular hedgehog being an iconic figure of the era. But with many original 90s movies now looking dated, Reddit users are on the hunt for modern films that give off a stylish 90s vibe.

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From perfectly used props to cleverly put together costumes, Reddit users have recommended several modern films that give these 90s kids the childhood nostalgia they miss. Whether it’s 90s preppy fashion or those somewhat forgotten childhood games, these films will delight some fans.


Men in Black 3 (2012)

the men in black The franchise has rooted itself in the sci-fi genre due to its wacky storylines and innovative visuals. Although its third installment was released in 2012, there’s a ’90s vibe to this sequel to the 1998 original. The film is known for its sunglasses and costumes, but Men in Black 3 introduces styles familiar to anyone growing up in the 1990s.

When asked to recommend movies that gave off that 90s vibe, LowCalligrapher3 put forward Men in Black 3 like the one that “comes to mind” due to Nicole Scherzinger’s appearance, the all-encompassing 90s singer. Her form-fitting leather dress and thigh-high boots as well as Boris’ embodiment of the decade through her ensemble shiny double-denim cargo are what give the movies their familiar, fashionable ’90s vibe.

Baby Driver (2017)

The thieves in an elevator in the movie Baby Driver.

baby driver it looked like it had a much higher budget than it was, but it also felt like the characters were straight out of the 1990s. Similar to Men in Black 3, the film focused on 90s fashion to create vibes familiar to that era. This is first brought to viewers’ attention when Baby appears wearing headphones rather than more modern headphones.

Announcement_eccentric_7325 said they “think it’s the use of a costume […] which does baby driver feel like a 90s movie” with bats often seen in patterned and matching outfits that use animal prints and camo prints, both of which are synonymous with the 90s. The use of earrings hoops from Debora and low-rise jeans from Darling complemented by a cheetah-print belt give off more of that ’90s vibe than baby driver clear.

Ladybug (2017)

Saoirse Ronan in front of a store in Lady Bird.

lady bird may have been set in 2002, but the film definitely clings to the late ’90s with its use of costumes, pink hair dye and thrift store clothing. The movie has all the conventions of a 90s coming-of-age with the teenage angst of lady bird being synonymous with Kat in 10 things i hate about you. But it does not stop there.

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According to Announcement_eccentric_7325Ladybug definitely has a 90s vibe about it” with many of the costumes reflecting the preppy grunge look that was considered stylish in the 1990s. However, the user also commented on how they “think it’s pink hair” that really symbolize the film’s affinity with the 90s with its character embodying the famous Spice Girl cut and Geri Halliwell coloring that dominated that period.

It Follows (2014)

It follows is a twisted horror movie that viewers definitely need to watch more than once, but the film does more than just scare, it encapsulates the 90s in its setting and structure. The film plays on common tropes seen in 90s films by placing a blonde teenage girl in the role of victim while creating a group of friends who seek protection.

One of the scenes even pays homage to the 90s horror movie I know what you did last summer with a wide camera angle exposing terrified teenagers in a car, which only adds to its 90s vibe. But many recent viewers like compared it to stranger things with its ability to capture a variety from different periods, as recognized teeeohdeedee123 who explained that “it gives off a 90s vibe…and an 80s vibe…and a 2000s vibe”.

Childhood (2014)

Mason in childhood.

Childhood is another modern release set in 2002 but hooked to the 90s, the film is a coming-of-age drama that follows a boy for 13 years of his life. The film encapsulates 90s pop culture through sepia tones and iconic actors synonymous with their roles in 90s films like Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette.

From the Game Boys to the stripes that seemed to haunt childhood fashion in the 90s, the film epitomizes growing up in the 90s and the lack of technology kids had at that time. The movie gave off a huge 90s vibe that many fans, including uncultivated_pig2099 felt that “part of it was shot in the 90s”, which is why fans looking for nostalgia watch this moving film.

Brick (2005)

Rian Johnson Brick is a dark and entertaining film for fans of its recent release Knives outthe film is mysterious, mind-bending, and action-packed while also encompassing many hallmarks of the 90s. Childhoodthe film references the 1990s through costumes and props as evidenced by the use of the Rubik’s Cube, still very popular in the 90s.

Retroactive90 hastened to state that “Brick will hit the spot” when looking for a film that gives off that 90s vibe, the film’s quick transitions and mystery almost reflect the film styles of The matrix and later release Memento. However, Brick also clings to the typical high school structure that sees it emphasize its 1990s appeal even as a modern version.

17 Again (2009)

17 again has the dynamism of all 90s teen movies, which has attracted many fans, including stew_pit1 feels like it “captures the vibe of 90s teen movies pretty well” with the flip phone even making an appearance in one scene, but it’s the film’s ability to reflect the typical structure of a 90s teen movie that wowed fans.

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17 again focuses on the typical jock story and even created on-screen clicks that were synonymous with the high school experience for many viewers, which led to the 1990s becoming known for their coming-of-age movies. adulthood who 17 again also captures as 2009 version.

Shazam (2019)

Zachary Levi in ​​Shazam (1)

There are many ways Shazam is still the best DCEU movie to date and one of those ways is how the film exudes the cheesiness associated with the 90s and still remains a fan favorite. When asked to recommend a modern movie with a 90s vibe, roll4init_ shared that their “first thought was Shazamwith the film’s ability to give kids of the 90s the most intense nostalgia.

The movie almost brings to life the superhero Howard stalks in Jingle All the Way while simultaneously encompassing the same 90s cheese seen in the celebratory 1996 flick. many 90s kids, it proved to be a hit with older viewers.

The Way Back (2013)

the way back

The way back has a great cast but continues to be a somewhat overlooked film that’s hilarious, heartwarming, and inspiring. While many classify it as a comedy-drama, other fans would label it a coming-of-age movie due to how it captures the true experience of adolescence through Duncan and his need for personal growth. .

Quirky_Wino shared that “it’s like those 90s teen movies set in modern times” with many fans comparing Duncan to Jim from American pie. The film captures the drama, unusual characters and uncensored conversation that played a prominent role in coming-of-age films of the 90s, making it a popular watch for many adults who have passed their teenage years in the 90s.

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