Average of 40 forgotten mobile phones found each month on BEST buses


BEST buses have become a good place to find cell phones. Every month, the BEST administration finds an average of 40 mobile phones left behind inside the buses. Between January 2021 and January of this year; there were 521 cell phones that BEST conductors and drivers found inside the buses. In 2020, BEST collected a total of 798 mobile phones from their buses.

Sources at Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) said nearly 60% of lost cellphones recovered by employees have yet to be claimed by their owners. These are the phones usually misplaced by passengers. According to the figures obtained, most cell phones were found by BEST staff in September 2021, when 53 mobiles were recovered, while the least was in April last year with 25 cell phones found.

On an average daily basis, BEST personnel find slightly more than one mobile phone inside a bus. These phones were misplaced by passengers during their journey. The majority of these recovered phones were based on Android compared to iOS.

As driverless buses are operated, the chances of cellphones being found by drivers — who board at the end of the ride or in the middle of the route to issue tickets — have diminished. BEST officials agree that it is possible that other passengers also take these mobile phones after finding them inside the bus while traveling. There have been cases where these cell phones are handed over at the last stop to the BEST bus driver or conductor.

In accordance with the procedure, if a bus driver or a conductor recovers a lost object, he hands it over to the person in charge of the depot. It is then submitted to the “BEST Loss Property” section at the Wadala depot. Each month, BEST publishes a list of recovered cell phones and valuables on its website and social media accounts.

Speaking on the matter, BEST spokesperson Manoj Varade said, “Owners can easily claim their lost item by showing their ID at the Wadala depot. We also publish the data on our website and on social networks”.

Once the data is released, the authorities wait about a month, after which they send it to the Oshiwara depot where they auction off various items found inside the BEST buses. including cell phones, in bulk. According to the data, in April 2020, not a single phone was claimed by their owners. While in May 2020, all recovered phones were claimed by their employees. There have been instances where conductors and drivers have returned valuables like jewelry and cash to passengers, in these instances we commend the employees for encouraging them and others.

Posted: Thursday February 17th 2022, 07:05 IST


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