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BARRON COUNTY (WQOW) – The Barron County Sheriff’s Department replaced their more traditional body cameras with new software and their cellphones.

Struggling with supply chain issues, they opted to do what everyone else does for photos and videos. They started using phones issued by their department as body cameras and also as a key part of their vehicle cameras.

“The officer not only has the ability to live stream a body cam, but he can also record on the squad cam itself, two features we haven’t had in the past,” the captain said. Ron Baures on the features of the new software. allow it.

Department-issued body cameras and smartphones aren’t new, so the change was a matter of licensing and installing the new Visual Labs software, which MPs say saves them a lot of time and headaches. head.

The mobile phone’s body camera can be activated with the press of a button, and the patrol car’s camera is automatically activated when it turns on its headlights. Back inside the dispatch, they can see what’s happening in the field in real time, and everything is saved instantly to cloud storage.

The new software also allows the Sheriff’s Department to accurately track everyone on duty, which will provide tactical advantages when pursuing suspects, but will also help keep officers safe and accountable.

“From a tactical perspective of where the officer is, if he leaves his squad car and drives through a field in pursuit of a suspect, the dispatcher may in fact, will be able to say – if he’s not in a steel building and the GPS is working – where the deputy is,” Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said.

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