Beware of children on cell phones, a Catholic priest urges parents



Lagos – Reverend Father Christian Echewodo, Parish Priest of St. Anthony Catholic Church, Alagbado in Lagos State has instructed parents to provide guidance on the use of mobile phones by their children and wards.

Echewodo said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos.

He said the parental guide should be more on mobile phones so that the child is not influenced negatively.

“Every device needs to be protected, which means parents need to install controls on tablets, cellphones, portable and home game consoles,” he said.

Echewodo advised parents to always talk with their children, agree on good websites they could visit and tell them about them, as well as review them regularly to make sure they don’t have access to anything wrong. inappropriate for their age.
“Be sure to tell kids they can talk to you if they see anything suspicious online.

“Having an open relationship with children is essential and vital so they don’t feel like they’re in trouble, but they can learn what is appropriate and inappropriate content,” he said. .

He also advised parents to ensure that their wards are not addicted to their phones due to the many dangers associated with it.
He said: “A mobile phone can affect their learning process, can interfere with their ability to sleep and can prevent them from learning to cope with real life situations.
“Any age is okay for children to use phones as long as there is a parental guide and a reason for them to use it.

“There should be an essence of using the phone. Is it for research? Or tik tok? Is it to take a picture and post it on social media?

“Is it to have a general knowledge of what is happening in the world today? There are so many negatives and positives. (NOPE)


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