Big Budget Horror Movies That Completely Failed (Even If Some Were Good)


Remakes aren’t new to Hollywood, but they can be especially dangerous when it comes to tackling a piece of legitimate movie history. Such was the case with Universal’s 2010 remake of “The Wolfman,” which starred Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins in one of the most expensive horror films ever made, with a reported production budget of $150 million. The result was also one of the most notable box office disasters of the last 15 years, if ever, and it all goes back to a messy production that led to a film generally considered to be, well, not so great. .

Mark Romanek was expected to direct the film until the very last minute, but he found himself embroiled in debates with the studio, in part over the time needed to make the film. Joe Johnston was brought in to handle things, and the “Rocketeer” filmmaker also found himself in a tough spot. As Johnson explained shortly after the film’s release, constant script changes required reshoots and alterations during the editing process. Cuts were made in an effort to save money which ultimately ended up costing the studio more due to the rework and retooling required.

Against a wave of negative reviews, the film grossed a total of just $139 million worldwide, not even recouping its budget according to box office mojo. Despite Oscar-winning visual effects and a top-notch cast, the mess behind the scenes ultimately led to financial problems. The budget got out of control, and even if the film had been better received by critics, it would have been difficult for any horror film to make the kind of money that a $150 million budget requires to be considered a a success. Just like the Wolfman himself, this one seemed to be cursed. (Ryan Scott)


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