Bill Gates talks about the technology that will replace cell phones


Can you imagine that you no longer have to carry your mobile phone all the time but have it built into you? That’s good it’s the technology tycoon Bill Gates is investing inaccording to the newspaper ‘Heraldo USA’.

Since 2015, the electronic tattoo has been created by the company Chaotic Moon Studios, a company engaged in software development and technology design. According to them, this device will be able to measure and detect the medical values ​​of a person using biotechnology.

And while that sounds like a crazy idea, the truth is that they would work similarly to smartwatches used daily on the skin.

Using microprocessors embedded directly into the body, the goal is to make an accurate diagnosis that helps prevent disease and monitor the vital signs of top athletes.

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The use of monitors would be very useful for athletes.

Instead of going to the doctor once a year to get your physical checked out, this tattoo can be something you put on your body once a year. and monitor everything they would do during this examination and send it to your doctor. If there’s a problem, the doctors can call you,” Eric Schneider said in a Chaotic Moon video, posted to YouTube.

According to the media, the American billionaire saw in this discovery an investment opportunity and now conducts more advanced studies with which it claims that the devices can be used as smartphones.

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Thus, people who acquire them will be able to call, send messages, check their location in real time, their credit card information or their identity card using the temporary ink they would have on their arm.

How would that work?

What is known so far is that the tattoos would have a special ink that would combine advanced chips and nanotechnology to provide the most common tools of a phone. The chips would be able to conduct electricity to perform their functions.

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Nanotechnology is increasingly used.

As for biotechnology, it consists of the technological application that uses biological systems or living organisms for the creation or modification of products or processes for specific uses, in this case mobile phones.

Microchips for the coronavirus?

The Microsoft creator has been involved in various scandals due to the spread of fake news. According to the media, businessman intended to install chips that would fight covid-19. However, the information turned out to be misleading.

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With the use of a message on the social network Reddit, the statements made by Gates have been transformed. In various media, it was rumored that Gates Foundation-funded Quantum Octopus Dye technology would be used to insert capsules into humans that would provide digital certificates about covid-19.

However, Kevin McHugh, one of the lead authors of the dye research paper, said: “Quantum dot dye technology is not a human implantable microchip or capsule and to my knowledge there are no plans to use it for coronavirus.


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