Cell phones required | Letters


A few years ago I would have agreed with Phillip Etter’s assertion that cell service is “simply a convenience” and cell towers are important “solely for the convenience of being connected while the wheels turn”.

However, Mr. Etter may not realize that not everyone can afford a computer. For some people, the only way to access the Internet is through a cell phone.

If you are looking for an apartment or a job, it is almost impossible to do so without a computer. Beyond finding a home and a job, most of us use the Internet every day for so many things that help us run our lives smoothly – from accessing medical information to banking to insurance – the list is endless.

For as little as $20/month, someone who can’t afford a computer can get a phone and Internet access. The government recognizes that cell phones are essential and has programs to provide free phones to those who cannot afford them. Although telephone service is minimal, it includes Internet access.

I don’t have a solution to the cell tower problem, but I encourage us to be mindful that not everyone has a home, let alone access to a computer. Like it or not, cell phones have become a necessity in the 21st century.


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