Chef Tim Bans Cell Phones at Caterina in Fort Worth


Chef Tim Love brings an old-fashioned Italian dining experience to the Fort Worth Stockyards. In his latest restaurant, Caterina’s, the old-fashioned atmosphere reigns supreme. A press release promises that diners will be greeted by “the sounds of Louis Prima or Frank Sinatra filling the space.” Staff wear white shirts with red vests, in the style of classic Italian spots in New York’s Little Italy.

Walking through the door will bring a complimentary glass of rosé Prosecco, and sitting at your table will bring “three varieties of focaccia and a platter of charcuterie and aged Parmigiano Reggiano.” And he will also bring someone with a cell phone bag who will ask you to put yours away for the duration of the meal.

A display of premium aged Prosciutto di Parma at Caterina’s bar in Fort Worth.
Kevin Marple

Love describes service to paper town like “slow dining”. He has also set up an intimate dining room that only seats 40 and bar seating for six. And one of the ways he hopes diners slow down to enjoy their meal is to be completely present with their parties — that means not answering texts, checking social media or taking a quick call.

And no Instagramming your food. Love confirmed that guests would receive a follow-up email after dining with photos of everything they ordered.

“Jackets are required and cell phones are not allowed. The hostess gives each guest a pouch to put their phone in and the pouch stays with the guest throughout dinner,” Love said. paper town. Customers who need to do so are encouraged to step outside and use their phones as needed.

The interior of an Italian restaurant has exposed brick walls, green booths and tables covered in white tablecloths fully ready for service.

Caterina’s old school interiors.
Kevin Marple

Or, you could go a lot more old-fashioned. If someone calls you at Caterina’s while you’re having dinner, the restaurant will bring you one of those old-fashioned rotary dial phones to talk to them, fort worth magazine reports.

And yes, you read that right: jackets are part of the dress code, and one will be issued to any guest who forgets. Worried about sweating wearing a jacket in this heat? Love thought of that too and arranged for golf carts to meet guests at the valet stand to avoid the long walks and all that comes with it during a hot Texas summer.

“Cell phone will definitely be a hindrance, but I think people will thank me when they come out,” Love said. fort worth.


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