Complaint: a thief tries to resell stolen cell phones to the owner | Guam News


A man accused of a burglary and a separate theft reported in Tamuning has been arrested after he allegedly tried to resell a few stolen cell phones to the victims.

CK Kiosy, 28, has been charged with burglary as a second degree felony, theft of property as a misdemeanor and felony trespassing as a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, the victims fell asleep on the beach and woke up to find that their two cell phones were missing.

Victims called the phones and the suspect responded by saying he would meet them, according to the documents.

During the meeting, the suspect reportedly told the victims that he would return the phones if they paid him, but they refused and threatened to call the police.

The suspect fled but the victim was able to get a photo of him to show to police, documents said.

Officers found the suspect hours later with one of the stolen phones in his pocket, according to the documents.

Police also found two glass pipes containing methamphetamine residue.

Authorities also learned that the suspect broke into an apartment in Tamuning days earlier.

The victim of this incident reportedly told police that she woke up to find a stranger inside her apartment, standing near her bedroom door.

The suspect fled after the victim screamed.

The suspect was also caught on video surveillance breaking into the victim’s apartment before apparently searching the victim’s belongings, according to the documents.


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