Crawford County High School Bans Cell Phones and Smartwatches | State News


STEELVILLE — A Crawford County high school is banning cell phones and smartwatches beginning Monday, April 4.

Steelville R-3 High School made the announcement Thursday.

In a Facebook post, principal Steven Vetter said students were asked either not to bring their phones and smartwatches to school or to check them in at the office until the end of the day. Vetter said the items will be locked up and can be retrieved after the layoff.

Vetter said the change is due to many reasons, not just one incident:

  • Students take videos and photos of other students in the bathroom and post them on social media
  • Students make audio recordings of test reviews and then listen to them while taking a test
  • Students using phones in locker rooms
  • Photos of other students in the class are taken without permission and posted on social media
  • Make videos and post on Tik-Tok
  • A large number of conflicts that start on social networks or by SMS

Vetter told the Springfield News-Leader that the ban on cellphones and smartwatches was recently tested at the college. He called the results “positive”.

The principal said parents can still contact their child during the school day by calling the office.

“We encourage you to continue this practice and not rely on your child’s messaging,” Vetter wrote.

The message states that any student who violates the new procedure will have their phone taken away and a parent/guardian must collect it. A second offense will result in the same, plus school detention, Vetter said.


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