Day Shift subtitle innovation is awesome


Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for day shiftday shift made a brilliant innovation in subtitles that more movies should use. Netflix’s vampire flick starring Jaime Foxx and Dave Franco focused on action and comedy, but it incorporated its few subtitles in an influential way. day shift showed that movies can experiment with how subtitles are included in American media.

Closed captioning is becoming more and more common in American film and television. The popularity of international media such as Parasite and those of Netflix squid game is a sign that viewers are more inclined to trust subtitles than before. The success of programs and films subtitled in foreign languages ​​has gone hand in hand with the rise of multilingual national films such as A silent place, CODAand even a hit superhero movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The move towards more subtitles makes the world’s languages ​​more present and accessible in entertainment, allowing more viewers to see themselves or other cultures in the movies and shows they watch.


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Despite their increasing use, subtitles have retained the same form and function as in the past. Traditional subtitles are simple white text at the bottom of the screen, acting as an accessibility aid to help viewers understand language or audio that they might not otherwise interpret. They are overlaid as meta-text and treated as a separate entity from the film. Between day shift vampire slaying action sequences, however, its subtitles were large, brightly colored text and located on or next to the speaking character. These changes made the subtitles a part of the film itself, in turn making the film welcoming and accessible in a whole new way.

How Day Shift Pushes Subtitle Possibilities

day shift showed that the next frontier for subtitles is artistic experimentation. He played with the look of his subtitles and their placement on screen to develop a format that matched the overall artistic profile of the film. day shift was a vibrant film that amplified its colors with intense saturation. Bud Jablonski’s bright blue truck stood out from the golden residential streets of Los Angeles, Uber vampire queen Audrey prowled through day shift in a striking array of jewel-toned business attire, and Bud sported a collection of colorful printed shirts. day shift used pink, green, blue and orange subtitles in a thick, bold font to match its colorful cinematography, and the placement of the subtitles reinforced the film’s fun, action-oriented tone by evoking bubbles of comic. day shift showed that subtitles could be designed like any other element of a film and could actively contribute to its aesthetic program.

By linking its subtitles more closely to its general presentation, day shift welcomed multicultural competence in a unique way. The extra work invested in matching the subtitles to the rest of the film suggested an enthusiasm for including interactions in multiple languages. This sentiment was reinforced by the fact that none of the Netflix Top 10 Movie subtitled phrases needed to be spoken in another language, but the creative team still chose to include bits of Korean. , Japanese and Spanish. This choice alluded to the diversity of the population of Los Angeles, even if that was not the goal, and the way the characters switched effortlessly between languages ​​showed that they could navigate easily in the different cultures of the city. The colorful captions also added a playful and positive tone to these multilingual interactions. day shift wanted to show his characters engaging with each other across languages, even if it wasn’t necessary.

day shift showed that there could be more subtitles if the filmmakers were willing to seize the possibilities. Treating the subtitles as a separate artistic element not only added to the film’s cinematography, but changed the character of its multilingual exchanges. The next generation of films after day shiftpossibly including Day shift 2, can build on its innovations and see what else subtitles can do.


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