Delhi gang detained for stealing mobile phones from Holi event in mall, 24 devices recovered


They had traveled to Bangalore by train for the sole purpose of robbing guests: Police

They had traveled to Bangalore by train for the sole purpose of robbing guests: Police

Mahadevapura Police arrested four gang members who had traveled from Delhi to an event at the Phoenix Mall to steal cellphones. In less than two hours after people reported losing their phones, the police caught the gang and recovered 24 devices worth ₹10.5 lakh.

However, a fifth gang member managed to fool the police team and escaped with the cell phones he had stolen. “Efforts are underway to find him,” said Mahadevapura police station inspector H. Hariyappa, who led the operation.

The wave of thefts happened on Saturday evening during an event organized for Holi. Police estimate around 2,000 guests visited the mall to watch the event. “The defendant became aware of the event through online announcements. They booked their tickets online and came to Bangalore by train. While everyone was partying, the accused began stealing expensive phones from guests. They hid the devices in their specially designed jackets with multiple pockets,” one officer said.

One of the guests realized that the cell phone was missing and immediately alerted the authorities. Soon other people at the event started checking the phones and realized they had been stolen. “Police immediately barred the entrance and exit gates to the mall and began monitoring those who had lined up to leave. We started observing people closely and caught the accused leaving the scene,” the officer added.

The defendants are said to be repeat offenders. Police say they attend big events in metropolitan cities, steal expensive appliances and valuables, and return to Delhi where they allegedly resell the stolen items to customers at Meena Bazaar.


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