End 3G to affect fire alarms, cell phones, medical alert devices

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Prescott area fire protection companies are working diligently to replace outdated devices that will be rendered ineffective with the end of 3G service.

Recently, cellular networks have changed technologies. As old technology becomes obsolete and new technologies and systems are introduced, systems connected to cellular networks often need to be upgraded. Recently, cell phone carriers announced that cellular 3G was becoming obsolete. For this reason, fire alarm panels that use the cellular network to report fires to firefighters may not work.

Prescott area fire protection companies have been working hard to replace outdated cellular telephone dialers, the panel device that notifies the fire department of fires, with upgraded dialers that will work on the new cellular systems.

If you are a business owner and have a monitored fire alarm system installed in your business, please check with your fire protection company to see if your panel needs an enhanced cellular dialer. If you are a home owner with a monitored fire alarm system in your home, contact the monitoring company that services your home and ask if your telephone dialer needs to be upgraded.

We are also asking residents to check their cell phones and other items such as medical alert devices to see if they will continue to work once 3G service is no longer available. This can be done by contacting your cell phone service provider or emergency monitoring company.

If your monitored fire alarm panel does not signal a fire alarm to your home or business or if you are unable to contact 911 by telephone or medical alert device, the fire department of Prescott may be delayed in responding to your emergency. This could lead to greater damage due to fire, injury or even death.

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