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David Swider must be dreaming big or he gets stuck.

That’s exactly what the owner of End of All Music did when he started coming up with ideas for opening a second store, which started brewing about three years ago and comes to fruition on Friday with the opening of their store in Jackson in the district of Fondren.

Swider and his friend Patrick Addison, who is the manager of the Fat Possum Records label, have started talking about opening another store. New York City, Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Chattanooga, Tennessee were all possible landing points, but Jackson then became a focal point.

“Patrick said to me, ‘Well, Jackson is a good place. Jackson is kind of a town with a lot of people who are all potential record buyers and record nerds, ”Swider said. “We went there before the pandemic and I wasn’t quite convinced but Patrick, who is a native of Jackson (and) grew up there.”

Eventually, the bot Swider and Addison descended on Jackson and examined several locations, but eventually settled in the Fondren district.

When the pandemic hit, all ideas were put aside. Building owner Fondren agreed with Swider and Addison and didn’t want to move forward until the time came to open a new business. The deal remained in place and Swider was still able to use the building when he was ready to start about six months ago.

Coming out of a pandemic and still being able to open a second location wasn’t an option for many small businesses, but Swider is thankful that they’ve always been able to launch another End of All Music this year.

“It makes me feel like we’re doing something here and people have been very receptive,” Swider said. “People in Oxford and around the world since the start of the pandemic because we have shipped records to all 50 states. People recognize what we are doing and I am extremely touched by this and make myself feel that we are going in the right direction.

Already in full swing with some sort of renaissance and cultural revival, Fondren felt like the perfect place to open a record store for Swider and Addison, who are co-owners of the place. With Duling Hall, which is a concert hall, just steps away, placing a record store nearby has hit Swider as the right business decision.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks that it’s definitely a place that needs a record store,” Swider said. “Not just a record store, but an end to all music. The kind of what we’re doing here, I felt very confident we could replicate it and this is the place to do it.

Located at 3011 North State Street, between Duling Avenue and Fondren Place, the new location is tucked into the center of all of Fondren’s hot spots, including Walker’s Drive in and up the street from Brent’s Drugs.

There was a record store in the Fondren area. Morning Bell Records was located at Duling Hall before it closed a few years ago. End of All Music will be the first record store since the closing of Morning Bell.

“Where we are located there are a lot of interesting things that are about to happen there,” Swider said. “There are a lot of exciting new businesses opening up. There are a lot of cool new businesses out there already. There are legendary businesses, legendary restaurants and that sort of thing. So, it feels like the city’s arts hub, if not central Mississippi. This is where we wanted to be.

Another interesting aspect of Fondren’s choice was the open container law. The city of Jackson allows take-out cups throughout the district. This means that customers are allowed to drink a beer while they are browsing the Fondren stores.

To capitalize on this, End of All Music will be offering “browser beers” to its customers. While people are browsing through the files, they may have a can of beer that comes with a koozie with the aptly named “Navigator’s Beer” printed on it. There are racks attached to some of the racks where beers can be placed while researching what needs to have a folder.

“It’s unique and it gives us a chance to do things we can’t do here,” Swider said. “Navigator beers would never fly in Oxford, but in Fondren they are welcome. So these are different places. They are very, very different places. Jackson has such an interesting vibe which is quite fun and it’s so different from Oxford. We’re not up a flight of stairs and it’s just those things, I had to rebuild a record store and do a few things differently that we couldn’t (with this store). This is a great sister location to it. If we could put them both together, it would be the biggest record store in the world.

The Fondren location will be open seven days a week. Hours will be noon to 7 pm Tuesday to Saturday and noon to 5 pm Sunday and Monday.


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