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Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]April 12 (ANI): Cultural performances organized by the Jammu and Kashmir tourism department provide a delightful experience for tourists during the spring season in Kashmir.

The latest folk music show was held on the shores of Dal Lake in Srinagar to acquaint tourists with the rich musical heritage of Kashmir while providing a platform for young performers.

Speaking to ANI, Kashmir Tourism Director Dr. GN Itoo said: “Our folk music has a beauty of its own. Domestic and international tourists like it very much. We want to promote our crafts, our cuisines, our heritage and above all our culture as a tourist product.

He added that the cultural performances attract the new generation and the audience also feels thrilled.

“Whenever we organize such tourism promotional events, we provide an opportunity for young people. They have their own version which attracts the new generation and the audience also feels delighted. Along with this we are also giving an opportunity to our legendary artists like in this event we have Noor Mohammad Shah, so by clubbing them both we can promote our culture as well as tourism,” he said. added.

The folk music show saw the young and legendary performers entertain the audience with their melodious performances.

Welcoming the initiative, a local visitor, Rafi, said, “Winter is over and the new season is knocking at our door, so to welcome it, Jammu and Kashmir Tourism is organizing a number of activities. Among them, the emphasis is on ‘Folk Music’, whose heritage we have been perpetuating for many years. If anyone wants to know more about Kashmir, it is important to listen to its folk music. Such events are held at different places (in the valley) and we learn to listen to Kashmiri folk music there. »

“This year, as the influx of tourists is quite good, so when these tourists pass through such a place where Kashmiri music is played, they stop there for a while and listen to it because it is something new to them. So here we see a big field of cultural exchange. And secondly, young artists here who used to play guitar are now turning to ‘Rabab’,” he added.

Apart from music, tourists also enjoyed Kashmiri cuisines especially tea and bread during the event.

The tourist praised the folk music of the valley and also the hospitality of the locals.

One of the tourists, Niha, said: “Kashmir folk music is quite touching. We felt like we lost in its beats. Although we can only understand a little, but the overall impact is good. We should encourage such activities so that the younger generation realizes its importance. »

She said the people here are also very hospitable and treat everyone with great care and love. “They are as beautiful as this place,” she added. (ANI)

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