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The Drive-In at Union Market is open to cars and walk-ins. Photo courtesy of EDENS.

So. A lot. Train. On.

Hello neighbor,

There are over 50 events in this newsletter – enjoy!

So what should you do from May 9-15?

For your convenience, this newsletter includes emojis to help you during these unprecedented times:

  • The πŸ›‹ indicates that an event is happening in person inside.
  • The 🌲 indicates that an event is happening in person outside.
  • The πŸ’» indicates that an event is happening virtually.
  • And finally, the πŸ†“ indicates that an event is free.

Top 7 picks of the week

  1. More embassies to visit! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Like last weekend, this weekend you can visit embassies, this time as part of the European Union Open Day (Sat, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, various locations).
  2. Entertainment in Georgetown. πŸ“•πŸ« Explore precious prints and rare finds at the Georgetown Rare Book Fair (Friday, $50 preview, πŸ›‹, Georgetown)β€” and make a preview of a cocktail and canapΓ© evening! Go fool the adults at Georgetown Candy Tour (Sat, $50, πŸ›‹, Georgetown)which allows you to visit 12 local shops to collect a variety of goodies.
  3. Food and drink parties. πŸ₯˜πŸ·πŸ» Sample some of the area’s best restaurants at The Taste of the Nation by No Kid Hunger (Sun, $95+, 🌲, downtown). Support Black and Hispanic-owned restaurants in the area at Food for Thought Festival (Tuesday, $65+, 🌲, Hill Center). Head to Mount Vernon for their Spring Wine Festival and Sunset Tour (Friday-Sunday, $53+, Alexandria). Discover the new Metropolitan Beer Trail, which connects seven bars across the district – and once you’re done, head to DC Brau, which will have live music (Sun, $, 🌲, Woodridge) this Sunday.
  4. American Jewish Heritage Month. πŸ• Celebrate 18 years of Shabbat services with sixth & me (Fri, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Chinatown). the JxJ Festival (starts game, $30+, πŸ›‹, 16th St.) presents Jewish films, music, dance and arts. Some programs you may be interested in include Environmental Film Guardian of the Dead Seasa musical piece onThe Afro-Semitic experienceΒ», or dramatic film Pink. It’s also the last chance this week to catch the show”Seen/unseen: Linda Stein and Mil Lubroth” (closes Sat, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Waterfront) at the House of Culture.
  5. Museum entertainment after hours. πŸ‘—πŸŽ¨ Head to the FUTURE exhibit for a Into the Future of Fashion Event (Thursday, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹/🌲, National Mall), which includes a fashion show, interactive lectures and performances. The Renwick Gallery will reopen this week with a opening night (Friday, $125, πŸ›‹, downtown). The Museum of the Palestinian People will hold an opening reception for its new exhibition, β€œDreams Rising: Palestinian children in Gaza imagine a future beyond trauma” (Sat, $, πŸ›‹, Cercle Dupont). National Gallery Nights is sold out, but be sure to set a reminder for May 13 at noon to secure tickets for next week Jazz in the gardens.
  6. Neighborhood parties. πŸπŸ“˜πŸ–Ό Colombia literary festival (Sun, πŸ†“, 🌲, Colombia) returns with round tables, poetry walls, pop-up bookstores, etc. Be inspired during the 2nd edition Old Town Spring Art Festival (Sat-Sun, πŸ†“, 🌲, Alexandria). The DC State Fair will host a Spring mini-fair (Sun, Free, 🌲, Brookland) including a dance for children, information on urban beekeeping and a demonstration of mambo sauce. Head to Rockville for a Soulful spring party (Sam, πŸ†“, 🌲, Rockville) including the reopening of Soulfull Cafe, Zumba and local artwork.
  7. Take your dancing shoes. πŸ’ƒ the DC Tango Festival begins this week with a CD launch concert at the Argentine Embassy. The festival has events until June 17 (starts Fri, $, πŸ›‹/🌲, various locations). Bring your dancing shoes to the square for salsa (Tuesday πŸ†“, 🌲, Columbia Heights).

Everything else this week

  • So many markets that can be watered. πŸ› Enjoy the Spring Designers Market (Sun, don, 🌲, Georgetown) at Dumbarton House, the postponed Van Ness Main Street Pop-Up Market (Sam, $, 🌲, Van Ness)and exchange of plants local supplier pop-up (Sam, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Lamond Riggs).
  • 1000 bell strokes. πŸ”” Washington National Cathedral Bourdon’s bell will ring a thousand times. Each bell toll represents 1,000 U.S. deaths related to COVID-19. The field will be open to visitors (Mon, πŸ†“, 🌲, National Cathedral).
  • For those who have children. 🧸 sing with Moana (Thursday, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Congress Heights). Jump in a bouncy house, get your face painted and play games Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church Community Day (Sat, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Tenleytown). Bring your family to Pachamama Day (Sam, πŸ†“, 🌲, NoMa) with ecological workshops for all ages, cultural performances and a community clean-up. The Kreeger Museum hosts a paddle doll making workshop (Saturday, $25, πŸ›‹, Berkely).
  • Fishing in the neighborhood! 🎣 There will be a fishing clinic every Saturday with bait, tackle and tackle provided. Participants must sign a waiver and obtain a fishing license (Saturday, πŸ†“, 🌲, Navy Yard).
  • Unique movies. 🎞 The DC Library and 1882 Foundation to Co-Host Film About Asian American Photographer Corky Lee (Tuesday πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, downtown). Lapis will host a fundraiser for Afghan refugees with a screening of To run away (Sun, $55, πŸ›‹, Adams Morgan). The Eaton Hotel will host a screening and Q&A on Vincent Chin (sea, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, downtown). As for outdoor movies, you have the option to watch space jam (Fri, πŸ†“ if seated/$20 for drive-in, 🌲, NoMa) and Mrs. Doubtfire (Wed, πŸ†“, 🌲, NoMa).
  • A communal blessing ceremony. Join Buddhist monks in a blessing ceremony (Saturday, πŸ†“, 🌲, National Mall) of the Asian Arts Museum’s new exhibition β€œRevealing Krishna: Journey to Cambodia’s Sacred Mountain”. Along the same lines, the museum will host an informal question-and-answer session with director praCh Ly (Sat, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, National Mall) on his work documenting the religious traditions of Cambodian Americans.
  • LGBTQ+ section. 🌈 Watch a Halloween inspired drag show (Fri, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, NoMa) or play with Queer Trivia Night (Wed, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Brookland).
  • Celebrate women. πŸ’— Attend a concert Molly Burch (Friday, $23, πŸ›‹, Union Market). Raise funds for Ukrainian women at women’s day (Saturday, $20+, 🌲, Edgewood). Watch the Washington National Opera Carmen (starts Saturday, $25+, πŸ›‹, Kennedy Center).
  • Overview of the gala. πŸ’Ž The SOME Young Professionals Network will host their Spring Gala (Saturday, $120+, πŸ›‹, Downtown). the Washington National Opera Gala (Saturday, $1000, πŸ›‹, Kennedy Center) will accompany the opening of Carmen.
  • National Police Week. πŸš” Participate in a National Police Week 5K (Saturday, $30+, 🌲, Arlington). Stop at a vintage police car display (Fri, πŸ†“, 🌲, National Zoo).
  • Concerned about privacy? πŸ’» This conversation about how personal data buys and sells may interest you (Sun, πŸ†“, πŸ’»). Find out how spy gadgets hide daggers or hidden cameras (Wed, πŸ†“, πŸ’»).
  • For politicians. πŸ› There is a discussion about how the the pandemic has affected cities (Monday, $13, πŸ›‹, Dupont Circle) as good as changing landscape of democracy (sea, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, downtown).
  • A hodgepodge of fun. 🧩 Enjoy a conversation about rapper Biggie (Tuesday, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Anacostia) or on the design and Swiss maps (Sat, πŸ†“, πŸ›‹, Adam Morgan). Watch a rescheduled chihuahua race (Sun, πŸ†“, 🌲, Le Quai). Make a desert terrarium within reach (Fri, $50, πŸ›‹, Kennedy Center).

Your neighbour,

jade (@clockoutdc)

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Jade Womack is an energy economist by day and an event blogger by night. She started her blog, Clockout DC, while moonlighting as a bartender in 2019. She grew up in Arlington and currently lives in Adams Morgan with her dog.


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