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The Drive-In at Union Market is open to cars and walk-ins. Photo courtesy of EDENS.

So. A lot. Train. On.

Hello neighbor,

There are over 50 events in this newsletter – enjoy!

So what should you do from May 9-15?

For your convenience, this newsletter includes emojis to help you during these unprecedented times:

  • The 🛋 indicates that an event is happening in person inside.
  • The 🌲 indicates that an event is happening in person outside.
  • The 💻 indicates that an event is happening virtually.
  • And finally, the 🆓 indicates that an event is free.

Top 7 picks of the week

  1. More embassies to visit! 🇪🇺 Like last weekend, this weekend you can visit embassies, this time as part of the European Union Open Day (Sat, 🆓, 🛋, various locations).
  2. Entertainment in Georgetown. 📕🍫 Explore precious prints and rare finds at the Georgetown Rare Book Fair (Friday, $50 preview, 🛋, Georgetown)— and make a preview of a cocktail and canapé evening! Go fool the adults at Georgetown Candy Tour (Sat, $50, 🛋, Georgetown)which allows you to visit 12 local shops to collect a variety of goodies.
  3. Food and drink parties. 🥘🍷🍻 Sample some of the area’s best restaurants at The Taste of the Nation by No Kid Hunger (Sun, $95+, 🌲, downtown). Support Black and Hispanic-owned restaurants in the area at Food for Thought Festival (Tuesday, $65+, 🌲, Hill Center). Head to Mount Vernon for their Spring Wine Festival and Sunset Tour (Friday-Sunday, $53+, Alexandria). Discover the new Metropolitan Beer Trail, which connects seven bars across the district – and once you’re done, head to DC Brau, which will have live music (Sun, $, 🌲, Woodridge) this Sunday.
  4. American Jewish Heritage Month. 🕍 Celebrate 18 years of Shabbat services with sixth & me (Fri, 🆓, 🛋, Chinatown). the JxJ Festival (starts game, $30+, 🛋, 16th St.) presents Jewish films, music, dance and arts. Some programs you may be interested in include Environmental Film Guardian of the Dead Seasa musical piece onThe Afro-Semitic experience», or dramatic film Pink. It’s also the last chance this week to catch the show”Seen/unseen: Linda Stein and Mil Lubroth(closes Sat, 🆓, 🛋, Waterfront) at the House of Culture.
  5. Museum entertainment after hours. 👗🎨 Head to the FUTURE exhibit for a Into the Future of Fashion Event (Thursday, 🆓, 🛋/🌲, National Mall), which includes a fashion show, interactive lectures and performances. The Renwick Gallery will reopen this week with a opening night (Friday, $125, 🛋, downtown). The Museum of the Palestinian People will hold an opening reception for its new exhibition, “Dreams Rising: Palestinian children in Gaza imagine a future beyond trauma(Sat, $, 🛋, Cercle Dupont). National Gallery Nights is sold out, but be sure to set a reminder for May 13 at noon to secure tickets for next week Jazz in the gardens.
  6. Neighborhood parties. 🐝📘🖼 Colombia literary festival (Sun, 🆓, 🌲, Colombia) returns with round tables, poetry walls, pop-up bookstores, etc. Be inspired during the 2nd edition Old Town Spring Art Festival (Sat-Sun, 🆓, 🌲, Alexandria). The DC State Fair will host a Spring mini-fair (Sun, Free, 🌲, Brookland) including a dance for children, information on urban beekeeping and a demonstration of mambo sauce. Head to Rockville for a Soulful spring party (Sam, 🆓, 🌲, Rockville) including the reopening of Soulfull Cafe, Zumba and local artwork.
  7. Take your dancing shoes. 💃 the DC Tango Festival begins this week with a CD launch concert at the Argentine Embassy. The festival has events until June 17 (starts Fri, $, 🛋/🌲, various locations). Bring your dancing shoes to the square for salsa (Tuesday 🆓, 🌲, Columbia Heights).

Everything else this week

  • So many markets that can be watered. 🛍 Enjoy the Spring Designers Market (Sun, don, 🌲, Georgetown) at Dumbarton House, the postponed Van Ness Main Street Pop-Up Market (Sam, $, 🌲, Van Ness)and exchange of plants local supplier pop-up (Sam, 🆓, 🛋, Lamond Riggs).
  • 1000 bell strokes. 🔔 Washington National Cathedral Bourdon’s bell will ring a thousand times. Each bell toll represents 1,000 U.S. deaths related to COVID-19. The field will be open to visitors (Mon, 🆓, 🌲, National Cathedral).
  • For those who have children. 🧸 sing with Moana (Thursday, 🆓, 🛋, Congress Heights). Jump in a bouncy house, get your face painted and play games Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church Community Day (Sat, 🆓, 🛋, Tenleytown). Bring your family to Pachamama Day (Sam, 🆓, 🌲, NoMa) with ecological workshops for all ages, cultural performances and a community clean-up. The Kreeger Museum hosts a paddle doll making workshop (Saturday, $25, 🛋, Berkely).
  • Fishing in the neighborhood! 🎣 There will be a fishing clinic every Saturday with bait, tackle and tackle provided. Participants must sign a waiver and obtain a fishing license (Saturday, 🆓, 🌲, Navy Yard).
  • Unique movies. 🎞 The DC Library and 1882 Foundation to Co-Host Film About Asian American Photographer Corky Lee (Tuesday 🆓, 🛋, downtown). Lapis will host a fundraiser for Afghan refugees with a screening of To run away (Sun, $55, 🛋, Adams Morgan). The Eaton Hotel will host a screening and Q&A on Vincent Chin (sea, 🆓, 🛋, downtown). As for outdoor movies, you have the option to watch space jam (Fri, 🆓 if seated/$20 for drive-in, 🌲, NoMa) and Mrs. Doubtfire (Wed, 🆓, 🌲, NoMa).
  • A communal blessing ceremony. Join Buddhist monks in a blessing ceremony (Saturday, 🆓, 🌲, National Mall) of the Asian Arts Museum’s new exhibition “Revealing Krishna: Journey to Cambodia’s Sacred Mountain”. Along the same lines, the museum will host an informal question-and-answer session with director praCh Ly (Sat, 🆓, 🛋, National Mall) on his work documenting the religious traditions of Cambodian Americans.
  • LGBTQ+ section. 🌈 Watch a Halloween inspired drag show (Fri, 🆓, 🛋, NoMa) or play with Queer Trivia Night (Wed, 🆓, 🛋, Brookland).
  • Celebrate women. 💗 Attend a concert Molly Burch (Friday, $23, 🛋, Union Market). Raise funds for Ukrainian women at women’s day (Saturday, $20+, 🌲, Edgewood). Watch the Washington National Opera Carmen (starts Saturday, $25+, 🛋, Kennedy Center).
  • Overview of the gala. 💎 The SOME Young Professionals Network will host their Spring Gala (Saturday, $120+, 🛋, Downtown). the Washington National Opera Gala (Saturday, $1000, 🛋, Kennedy Center) will accompany the opening of Carmen.
  • National Police Week. 🚔 Participate in a National Police Week 5K (Saturday, $30+, 🌲, Arlington). Stop at a vintage police car display (Fri, 🆓, 🌲, National Zoo).
  • Concerned about privacy? 💻 This conversation about how personal data buys and sells may interest you (Sun, 🆓, 💻). Find out how spy gadgets hide daggers or hidden cameras (Wed, 🆓, 💻).
  • For politicians. 🏛 There is a discussion about how the the pandemic has affected cities (Monday, $13, 🛋, Dupont Circle) as good as changing landscape of democracy (sea, 🆓, 🛋, downtown).
  • A hodgepodge of fun. 🧩 Enjoy a conversation about rapper Biggie (Tuesday, 🆓, 🛋, Anacostia) or on the design and Swiss maps (Sat, 🆓, 🛋, Adam Morgan). Watch a rescheduled chihuahua race (Sun, 🆓, 🌲, Le Quai). Make a desert terrarium within reach (Fri, $50, 🛋, Kennedy Center).

Your neighbour,

jade (@clockoutdc)

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Jade Womack is an energy economist by day and an event blogger by night. She started her blog, Clockout DC, while moonlighting as a bartender in 2019. She grew up in Arlington and currently lives in Adams Morgan with her dog.


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