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Probably more than with any other music creation gear, producers can get very tribal about their DAWs. Sure, it’s common to find specific synths or plugins with their ardent fans or detractors, but DAW users are a particularly defensive bunch. Try telling a Live user how much you love Logic’s looping tools, or a Cubase user why Studio One is better for scoring, and you’ll no doubt encounter a defensive rant worthy of the depths of Reddit.

While it makes sense to learn a DAW and stick with it, there’s also something to be said for crossing the divide and exploring a new application – and the new ways of working that can come with it. That’s what we do in this issue: take a long look at the DAW market in 2022 and ask if it’s time to rethink some of your long-held misconceptions.

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Music from the future 381

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Subjective – Goldie and James Davidson’s second album looks back on the history of drum&bass… from the shores of Thailand

The crystal method – Scott Kirkland opens the doors of his studio for a peek inside the gears behind his new album, The trip

mike paradinas – The boss of Planet Mu on his favorite plugins and the creative inspiration behind his various aliases

Produce like… Turno – The British drum & bass producer on his creative workflow and creating his new multimedia collaboration with freeclimber George King, aka The Shard Climber

classic albumAddictive TV on the origins of their world-class project Sample Orchestra

Talking ShopTomVR on his past influences, creative workflow and more


Rethink your DAW – Logic sentenced to life? FL fanatic? Find out what cool stuff you might have missed from rival couriers…

Producer’s guide – Learn how to create complete unique sounds using physical modeling synthesis

Retrospective – The origins and influence of rap cloud


Dreadbox Effect Pedals

SSL Big Six

PreSonus AudioBox GO

JZ Vintage V12 Pickups

Eurorack: ALM Beast’s blackboard

Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro X

Benchmark: Entonal Studio

Long-term test: Behringer Model D

& more


Synth Mallets – We’ll take care of all your chromatic drumming needs with this set of synth vibes, glocks, marimbas and more.

Rhythm noise – Noise as Percussion – from gated white noise patterns to filtered effects riffs, sequenced synth noise and beyond.

Access the FM sample archive: Download the ‘Archives’ packs and get over 18 GB of loops, hits and instruments from our catalog of high-quality, royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and effects, consider it our finest. All the samples you need to create great music!


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