Ghost Rider’s Most Brutal Kill Is Too Rated For Movies


Ghost Rider has had some brutal kills, but in Ghost Rider #2, on sale now, he unleashes his most vicious yet – and it’s too much for the MCU.

Warning: contains spoilers for Ghost Rider #2!

Over the years, ghost rider racked up a number of brutal kills, but his most brutal is too R-rated for movies. Ghost Rider turns 50and anniversary this year, and Marvel gave him a new title, one that takes him on a cross-country revenge mission, leading to one of his most brutal murders in Ghost Rider #2on sale now in print and digital.

Since its first appearance in 1972 Marvel Spotlight #5, Ghost Rider was one of Marvel’s first supernatural characters. After being linked to the demon Zarathos, stuntman Johnny Blaze became the next in a long line of Ghost Riders, roaming the highways of America to deliver fiery justice. Recently, mysterious forces imprisoned Johnny Blaze in a fake life in a small town, giving him a wife and children. One day, Blaze had a motorcycle accident, which brought back memories of his previous life as a Ghost Rider. After having everything he wanted ripped off and learning that it was all a lie, Blaze returned as Ghost Rider, vowing revenge on whoever did this to him. Blaze embarks on a mission for revenge, but first he must face a demon threatening a small town. The issue is written by Benjamin Percy, illustrated by Cory Smith and Brent Peeples, inked by Peeples, Roberto Poggi and Oren Junior, colored by Bryan Valenza, and lettered by Travis Lanham.


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Ghost Rider travels to the town of Hayden Falls in Idaho. Before he arrives, readers encounter a mysterious innkeeper who spies on inn patrons. Blaze comes to the inn, asking the innkeeper if he has work. The innkeeper hires Blaze, and as he cleans the inn, he notices teeth and hair in the rooms, raising suspicion. Blaze goes to another room and when he finds a broken mirror, he also discovers that the walls of the inn are hollow. He walks down a long hall and discovers the horrible truth: an ancient cannibalistic monster lives under the city, and the innkeeper fed him the inn’s guests. Upon encountering the bloodshed, Blaze is automatically transformed into Ghost Rider. He turns his Penance Stare on the Innkeeper – who then breaks his neck.

Ghost Rider uses his Penance Stare

The Penance Stare is one of Ghost Rider’s most fearsome weapons, capable of making the recipient feel overwhelming guilt for their actions, and he uses it here to brutal effect, forcing the evil innkeeper to snap his neck. . Readers have seen some truly incredible and gruesome kills from Ghost Rider, but ordering someone to break their neck may be the most shocking yet. The story doesn’t show how brutal Ghost Rider’s actions are. That wouldn’t be at home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as its parent company, Disney, is aiming for a PG-13 rating for all Marvel movies.

ghost rider has miles to go before he finds out who imprisoned him, and readers can be sure he’ll unleash hell on them when he finds them, but along the way he unleashes one of his most brutal to date – too R-rated for the MCU.

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