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A loan with home delivery in the Internet age sounds a bit archaic. But this is how private loan companies started their careers in our market. They appeared in the early 1990s of the previous century. Many of them used, but they were not very famous. They were famous for the usury of their products.

And they were mainly used by desperates who had nothing to count on a bank loan, and often had nothing to live for. They didn’t realize that they were sinking even more this way. People were plunging and companies are operating to this day and are doing quite well. Among them is the so popular and well-known Provent. Today, this situation looks much better.


Private loan companies are not so different in their offer from banks’ offers

Private loan companies are not so different in their offer from banks

They are even comparable, and their products are much easier to access than bank ones. In addition, the formalities required to obtain a loan are kept to a minimum, and the waiting time for granting cash is only several dozen and sometimes even several minutes.

Despite such advanced technical progress, the above-mentioned two companies still offer their clients loans for home delivery. For many it’s the perfect solution.


Advantages and disadvantages of loans with home delivery

Advantages and disadvantages of loans with home delivery

It is difficult to say unequivocally. What will be an advantage for some, others consider it a disadvantage. To a large extent, older people are more likely to use this type of solution. They use computers very reluctantly, if at all. They don’t want to learn new things anymore and think that there is nothing like contact with a living person.

You can always ask him a question, dispel any doubts, sign a contract on the spot. For others, this method may pose a kind of threat.


Much is heard in the media about various types of fraud, especially the elderly

Much is heard in the media about various types of fraud, especially the elderly

We are not entirely sure that the person we are talking to is a representative of the loan company, and even if it is, whether it will surely approach the matter fairly and honestly. Will it pull us on products that we don’t really need, and then we will have to pay dearly for them.

In addition, some people may feel uncomfortable in such a situation that they are forced to use such solutions. This situation is not comfortable for everyone. Even if we feel good, it is worth having a loved one with whom we trust, who, if necessary, will look at the contract, or look at the matter from the side and protect us from hasty decisions.

This cash loan with home delivery is a very similar solution to what online loans are. We also don’t have to leave the house, we handle the matter in our four corners. One thing we have to do is prepare the required documents, read and sign the contract. And some even consider it a better solution because we don’t need a computer or the internet.


A convenient way to obtain additional funds

home loan

It is an equally convenient way to obtain additional funds as loans online without certificates. We also receive cash in a few moments and in the amount of a few to several thousand zlotys, except that they are available and not on account. We don’t have to wait for the transfer, but we have to wait for the representative who is not waiting at our door for the moment when we will need money.

And when it comes to assessing our creditworthiness, how does this happen with a cash loan with home delivery? Same as with online loans . Regular customers are “dealt with” immediately, while new customers will have to meet some additional expectations.

Namely, they will be asked to prepare an account statement, an employment contract (it does not matter what we have – for a definite period, for a work or job), an episode from disability or old-age pension, confirmation of granting an allowance or alimony, or it may also be annual tax return.

He can also ask for a gas bill, for example, in our name. What the representative will require depends largely on the procedures in force in the company. Sometimes it may happen that a representative will contact us in order to verify our person in the debtors’ registers. Although this usually happens in a few moments and mainly based on information provided by the borrower.

When using a loan company offer for a home delivery loan, we have a fairly wide range of installments to choose from. We can choose equal or decreasing installments, repaid on a weekly or monthly basis. The installments and their repayment frequency can be individually adjusted to the client’s financial conditions.


We can also repay with a representative

We can also repay with a representative

Repayments can also be made to a representative who will visit us on certain dates, or by bank transfer to the specified account. Also the selection is quite large.

This cash loan with home delivery can be a good solution for temporary financial problems. If the bank does not want to grant us a loan because we are in the register of debtors, we can always count on such a loan. However, as with everything, loans must be used with common sense. The more so because they are still not cheap things.

They are still much more expensive than those that we can take online. After all, we have to pay for the representative’s visit and for the time devoted by him. In the case of online loans, a significant part of these activities is taken over by the system, which is why they are cheaper.

That is why we have such a wide choice regarding loan repayment, because the loan company does not care whether the representative will come to us for repayment once a month or will come every week. We will pay for it anyway. And this aspect will probably in any case be a disadvantage of this type of loan. No matter how you look at it.


Is such a loan profitable?

Is such a loan profitable?

Hard to say. It all depends on the current situation. Is it temporary, temporary problems with financial liquidity, or have we been in such a state for some time and the light in the tunnel is still not visible. In the first case, it can be a helpful, but quite expensive solution, while in the second, unfortunately, it can be another stone around the neck.

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