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Filled with trippy sets and absurd storylines, Harry Styles’ “Late Night Talking” music video feels like a wild dream from start to finish. And now, thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video shared to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 6, you can see exactly how the pop star and her team pulled off all those stunts, from the endless tunnels of bed sheets. the army crawled to the mattress that magically flew through the streets of London.



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In the new video, Styles is captured on his hands and knees climbing through an elevated passageway of white sheets, following closely behind a receding camera as he sings the lyrics to “Late Night Talking,” the second single from son May- released his third studio album Harry’s house. Later, a crew member sitting precariously on a ladder films the Grammy winner with a handheld camera as he cuddles up to a few of his teammates.

Styles is then shown posing as a live attraction in an art gallery, sitting on a bed attached to a set of tracks. As he walks on, the lighting changes and another off-camera crew member hands him a tray with spaghetti and meatballs, revealing exactly how they filmed one of the darkest sequences. of the whimsical final product. And towards the end, behind-the-scenes footage captures onlookers lined up in the streets of London to watch a lorry pull a bed – on which the 28-year-old singer and some band members sit – behind him.

In the final product, it’s made to make the bed look like it’s walking across town, past Buckingham Palace, completely of its own accord.

Uploaded in mid-July, the “Late Night Talking” video was directed by Bradley and Pablo and serves as Styles’ second video. Harry’s house music videos. It follows the video for the first single “As It Was”, directed by Tanu Muino.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of Harry Styles filming his “Late Night Talking” music video below.


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