How to Recycle Old Cell Phones, Laptops, Batteries and Cameras Tip 2022


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Check How to Recycle Old Cell Phones, Laptops, Batteries and Cameras

From the moment we leave, your own outdated furniture vanishes as outdated screams explode and you still manage to make it to the store. Old old drum shop, new ones break, and now lots of new devices, and maybe still some. new devices, which may develop more in the future, or because you haven’t reused them in the future, or if you haven’t put them in a year of nostalgia like some others, it’s not the only thing you saw when you.

Be brave. Stay focused. Look in drawers, in the garage, or in a dark corner of your closet, and you’ll find a bunch of electronics you don’t really need. Wherever you have your old devices, wherever the best technology is, there’s one you need to dispose of properly, and a lot of it the wrong way for you.

According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India. Merriam-Webster defines e-waste as “waste consisting of discarded electronic products (such as computers, televisions, and cell phones)”. E-waste stands for “electronic waste” and has come to define any device or technological device that ends up in landfills and harms our planet. In this article, we will teach you how to recycle your old phones, laptops, batteries and cameras.

How to Recycle Old Cell Phones, Laptops, Batteries and Cameras

recycling devices


With a vision to protect and preserve the environment through responsible end-of-life management, Call2Recycle is known for its collection and disposal of rechargeable batteries and phones. This company charges you nothing and can refurbish your equipment for resale or recycle the materials to be used as raw material for a new machine. For example, the kitchen cutlery you eat could power your phone.

Its partners include HomeDepot, Apple Stores, Staples and Best Buy. HomeDepot accepts phones weighing up to 11 pounds, while Best Buy accepts three phones per household per day. You also have the option of donating your phone to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program, which allows military members to call home for free. Don’t forget to back up your data before making a donation.

Electronic waste recycling


Anyone can reuse laptops/computers less than five years old. The most recent can be delivered to libraries after renewal. And the old ones? You can donate them to Earth911. All you have to do is type “laptop” into your search engine, enter your PIN, and find the nearest drop-off location. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) lists a website called Certified Electronic Recyclers that gives you information on refurbishing and recycling companies.

The EPA has also included it in the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) electronic challenge programs. Retailers like Dell, Samsung, Sony and participants like Best Buy and Staples are registered with the EPA. Remember that the laptop must come with all of its accessories. Clean up your data. Donating your laptop may qualify you for tax relief. You can get additional information about this on the IRS website.


If you have chargers, headphones, mobile stands in different boxes, it’s time to get rid of them. The AT&T store offers you a credit for your next purchase. Sprint offers to buy back customers’ old phones and offers credit for new ones.

Capital Scrap Metal and InvestmentMine verify the value of your electronic cables and compensate you according to the metal contained in the cable. Example: InvestmentMine pays about $2.35 per pound for copper wire. In addition to all this, you also have the option of donating wires, ropes, etc. to science, technology, local school programs or Google STEM or Earth911.

Camcycle and larger electronics

He may have kept the remains of a camera from the early 2000s; Some places may allow you to donate your camera. BestBuy, HomeDepot, Earth911 and Lowes are among those who recycle cameras and camcorders. Televisions require more effort because they are designed for large electronic devices. If the TV still works, take it to a second-hand store. Smart TVs contain personal information; It is important to restore it to factory settings.

Be very careful when packing the TV and cables, carefully wrap the cables and tape them to the device. Some toxic substances must be handled properly when disposing of them. Best Buy is allowing customers to rent two televisions per family per day. Each set costs the buyer $30. At replacement time, Best Buy charges $30 to get an old TV, and any shipping that comes with it increases the pickup fee to $100.

Final words: How to recycle old cell phones, laptops, batteries and cameras

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