Explores the themes of adoption and adaptation

The New Gallery concert series is holding its first live, in-person performance since the pandemic began. On April 30 at 8 p.m., “Adopt and adapt” will take spectators on a journey, where they will experience visual and musical installations at the Longy Music School. Performances and installations are meant to reflect what it means to be embraced—”in a family, in a country, in a person’s true self – and to evoke resilience, belonging and empathy.

“NewGal exists to elevate new works of musical art alongside the living composers and artists who create them,” said the organization’s president, Sarah Bob. “Whether someone has joined a new family, changed countries, or discovered a new part of themselves, Adopt and Adapt invites curious listeners and adventurous art lovers to navigate the complexities of identity as if It was a house of endless rooms.”

Audiences will hear the world premiere of Jonathan Bailey Holland’s “String Quartet No.4”. According to a press release, “The composer challenges the audience to ask questions: what does the process of adoption and adaptation do to the concept of memory or history? How is a narrative created when the link with the past is no longer known? In another room, attendees will find Bob performing selections from composer Fred Onovwerosuoke’s “The Twenty-Four Studies in African Rhythms.” They will also have the chance to hear Fabiola Méndez and her trio perform songs from her album “Afrorriqueña”. The public will also discover percussionists Steph Davis and Aaron Trant performing the work “Settle” by composer Sarah Hennies.

Learn more about NewGal here.

Shira Laucharoen is a Boston-based journalist. She is currently Deputy Director of the Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism. In the past, she has written for Sampan Newspaper, The Somerville Times, Scout Magazine, Boston Magazine and WBUR.


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