In the cinema: what to do with dead Kaiju? fails to come to life


What to do with the dead Kaiju? (PG)

115 minutes, opens June 23

2 stars

The story: A giant monster attacking contemporary Japan suddenly dies in the middle of a large metropolis. The rotting corpse belches noxious fumes. How to get rid of it quickly before it explodes and destroys the country by contamination?

Two reasons to watch this movie:

1. The title

What to do with The Dead Kaiju? : Kudos to any reader who can come up with something more catchy.

2. A fun(gi) development

There’s a weird infection at the end of the movie, after over an hour of boredom.

A kaiju-sized reason to stay away:

1. It’s a nap

The comedy-adventure is centered around disaster response. Despite the promising premise, the film is both hectic and laborious.

The action on the part of the government task force on Japan is generic.

The prime minister (Toshiyuki Nishida) has meanwhile convened an emergency cabinet to formulate a plan. Its officials are buffoons with the exception of the pugnacious environment minister (Eri Fuse), whose secretary (Tao Tsuchiya) has a romantic past with the task force’s head of mission (Ryosuke Yamada).

This creature feature doesn’t get any better, even as a parody of Japan’s political inertia and bureaucracy. It’s a cartoonish prank, oblivious to the fact that Shin Godzilla had already in 2016 successfully pilloried the same subjects.


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