Investigators detail discovery of cell phones, Bart and Krista Halderson’s IDs hidden in the house


MADISON, Wisconsin – Prosecutors have entered their second week of presenting their case against Chandler Halderson in the trial of the 23-year-old for allegedly killing and dismembering his parents, Bart and Krista Halderson.

On Monday morning, prosecutors began presenting some of the physical evidence investigators found during their search of the Haldersons’ home and Cottage Grove farm where Bart Halderson’s remains were found.

This included showing the jury the saw blades and scissors found in an oil barrel near where Bart Halderson’s remains were found, as well as shoes with apparent bloodstains found in the Halderson House.

Also found hidden inside a pair of shoes in the garage at the Halderson House: a foil-wrapped package, which contained two cell phones and Bart’s and Wisconsin state driver’s licenses. Krista Halderson.

Chandler Halderson had told authorities he received a text from Krista over the weekend of July 4, saying that she and Bart had reached the family’s cabin in Langlade County safely and that they were planning to attend a July 4th parade. Authorities later determined that no one had been to the Haldersons cabin this weekend.

Prosecutors have yet to indicate where they believe Krista’s phone text message was sent from. as

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Questions about the discovery of the rifle

Earlier in the trial, the owner of the Cottage Grove farm where Bart Halderson’s remains were found said she was cleaning out a shed on the property in October – several months after MPs were there to search the area – when she discovered a gun hidden behind four or five pieces of wood stacked against the wall.

The rifle was the same model weapon that prosecutors say Chandler Halderson received from a friend in June, weeks before his parents disappeared.

However, the rifle was not discovered when officials from the Dane County Sheriff’s Office checked the property from July 8 to 12, or during an initial visit to the hangar or an official search by investigators. Members of the Sheriff’s Office who were there during the search said they believed they had conducted it to the best of their ability, but resources were limited due to another large-scale survey of the Halderson House in Windsor, and admitted that human error may have led to the weapon not being discovered during this research.

On cross-examination, officials at the sheriff’s office said they couldn’t say for sure how long the search of the hangar took, but they were confident the search was thorough.

Chandler Halderson’s defense team focused on the department’s failure to find a gun during the investigation, although MPs knew Bart Halderson’s remains included a gunshot wound and that a gun would be key evidence in a homicide case. The defense also pointed out that investigators did not return to the hangar at any time between the initial investigation in July and the discovery of the rifle in October.

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Other items found during searches

Investigators say that in addition to the many cutting tools found dumped in an oil barrel near where Bart Halderson’s remains were found, they also found a rolling plastic trash can dumped in the woods, about 10 meters from the treeline. Inside the trash can they found a tarp and yellow duct tape. Another piece of tarp was found folded inside the shed which was searched.

When investigators briefly unfolded this piece of tarp, they found red spots that they believed to be blood before folding it back and sending it to the Wisconsin State Crime Lab for further testing. Testimonies later indicated that there were shoe prints on some of the tarp samples that were sent for testing.

Another MP testified that he found a Target bag full of what he believed to be bloody rags dumped near trash cans in the driveway of the property. As previously revealed during testimony, the bag had a barcode with Chandler Halderson’s girlfriend’s name at the time. She said last week that she picked up items from Target to bring them to the Halderson House on July 1 and said the Halderson House was the last place this bag would have been before it was found on the street. Cottage Grove property.

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