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On the piano, this is where Jace Kelly feels most comfortable, where he can express himself and express his love for classical music.

Ashlee Kelly, Jace’s mother, describes Jace as an “old soul” who has been interested in classical music since childhood.

“He finds beauty in older things,” she said.

The Central Hardin High School freshman moved from Paris, Ky. To Upton in December 2020. He and his family moved after his father, Michael Kelly, accepted a post as associate minister at White Mills Christian Church .

Jace, 14, said he took piano lessons for four years, but had been interested in the piano for eight years.

Since the age of 4, Kelly has stated that he has been interested in classical music. Jace’s favorite composers are Frédéric Chopin and Gustav Mahler.

Ashlee said Jace requested a keyboard for Christmas a year ago and started playing and learning by ear.

Jace has a good memory when it comes to memorizing data and musical scores, and is able to memorize the score of a song in a matter of weeks and no longer needs the score.

He said over the years he has done a few recitals but hasn’t done any recently due to the pandemic.

He said performing in front of people is both fun and scary. He has a recital coming up this spring.

Because of his ability to memorize, Jace said his favorite subjects in school were math and science. He said that at one point he was able to memorize 150 Pi digits.

“It’s kind of like a puzzle to be solved,” he said.

In addition to the piano, Jace said he enjoys playing video games, solving puzzles, and occasionally playing the violin. He also works at White Mills Christian Camp during the summer.

Jace said he wasn’t sure exactly where his love for classical music came from. He said family and friends mainly enjoy hip hop, country and pop music.

As far back as he can remember, his earliest memory of listening to adjacent classical music was the Vince Guaraldi Trio album “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Ashlee said that his love of music had matured him and that he was dedicated and passionate, and that was his way of expressing himself.

“It’s a part of him; it’s part of who he is, ”she said.

He said his current plans for after high school are to major in computer engineering and land a job as a computer engineer.

For the New Year, he said his resolution was to work a little less and spend more time with his family.

Ashlee said he has a love for God that is “incredibly mature” for his age, and believes he will be a great leader in the future.

“He’s just a very devoted child,” she said. “He wants to be the best he can be. “

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