KLSU’s 14th Annual Fundraiser Kicks Off with Live Music, Local Artists and a Love for Student Media | Entertainment


Student-run college radio station KLSU held its 14th annual fundraising launch at Tin Roof Brewery on Saturday, March 5. in this outdoor venue filled with vibrant energy and student media support.

Live music featured four local bands: alternative indie band 30-Year-Old Boomers, punk rock band Self-Checkout Renaissance, alternative R&B solo artist Chloe Marie, and progressive jazz fusion band Ethos of Izba. Each act continued to bring the fundraiser to life, matching the spirit of KLSU.

Maddison Jarveaux, senior political communications officer and regular DJ at KLSU, says each year’s fundraiser continues to show the station’s growing popularity.

“More people are tuning in and coming to events and we’re constantly raising the bar so you never know what’s coming next,” Jarveaux said.

Each tent on the site contained artists selling original paintings and prints, handmade oddities and antiques, baked goods or even trendy and vintage clothing. Artists such as high school sophomore Nora Dreher showcased handmade biscotti using her own chicken eggs, while selling the eggs themselves. The proceeds she earns would go to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund amid the current foreign war.

Merch was also sold by KLSU itself, displaying more artwork on behalf of local artists from the event, such as the KLSU “That’s My Jam” shirt designed by the 24-year-old Baton Rouge artist and KLSU traffic manager Bailey Karr.

One of the most notable aspects of the fundraiser was the featured food truck, Oak + Smoke BBQ, which was recently named among the nominees for Best Food Truck in the Magazine’s Best of 225 Awards. This year. Menu specialties such as macaroni and cheese with burnt ends were a hit, pairing well with savory sides such as pork belly potato salad and Louisiana pepper and honey coleslaw. . The sandwich I chose from the many menu options, the pork nacho sandwich with a side of green chile mac and cheese, was a unique take on a classic dish.

Erik Piccoli, KLSU station manager and head of journalism, was pleased with the turnout for this year’s fundraiser, saying the event still offers something for every type of person.

“There are options for all age groups. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 60, you’re going to have a great time,” Piccoli said.


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