Mobile phones should be allowed in class – The Oarsman


When you’re at home doing your homework or studying for an exam, what tool is always there? No, not a pencil or a notebook. A cell phone.

But when it comes to class time, put the phones away, don’t look at them, don’t think about them, and don’t even put them on your desk.

But why is this? In your professional life (which the school prepares you for), you will have your phone at your disposal. It’ll only be inches away from you, but when you’re in school, it seems worse than the plague.

From personal experience, having a phone next to me actually helps me pay attention better.

Now I’m not saying I’ll be on the phone for the entire duration of class, but what I’m saying is that if a class gets too stressful, I can take a minute or two to calm down on my phone and can -watching a quick Tik Tok or listening to a relaxing song with headphones so as not to distract from the lesson in progress.

Moreover, it could be a way for students to overcome their “cell phone addiction”. They will no longer feel the need to hide their phone in class. Let’s be honest, the more you tell a teenager not to do something, the more he wants to do it. But if you take that cell phone denial out, it might actually help them.

Another thing the school preaches is self-responsibility – and what better way to teach it than by allowing students to use their phones in class. Simple, LET THEM USE THEIR PHONES!!!

If you’re on the phone too much, you miss class, which then becomes the students’ problem. Especially for students who are about to head into the “real world,” being allowed to use their phones in class would teach them responsibility and self-reliance.

Honestly, phones should be allowed in the classroom because not only can they help students relax from the multiple challenging classes they’re taking, but they can also teach that good old school accountability that school likes to prioritize.


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