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It’s high time Shudder was known for what it really is: the best one-stop horror entertainment service available for home viewing. Shudder adds several original films each month that are conceptually interesting to say the least, even if their realization sometimes leaves something to be desired. But there is something to be said for the endless amount of original works that would otherwise float homeless.

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Plus, Shudder also hand-picks some fabulous horror films, ranging from time-tested classics of the genre to more interesting fare that, until it was acquired, was rotting away in a cellar somewhere.

ten Off-season and the importance of checking schedules (6/10)

Out of season premieres June 10 on Shudder. When a young woman visits her mother’s grave on a remote island, she ends up stranded there for the season. As she searches for a way to get to the open sea, she encounters a host of local eccentrics, each more bizarre than the next, eventually leading her on a quest to uncover her mother’s past while struggling to survive. .

The film stars Jocelin Donahue, Joe Swanberg, Richard Brake, Melora Walters and Jeremy Gardner, and is directed by Mickey Keating.

9 Mad God is a film that has been mixing styles for 30 years (6/16)

crazy god marks the directorial debut of Oscar and Emmy Award-winning stop-motion animator and special effects expert Phil Tippett, who has worked with Verhoeven, Spielberg, Lucas and many more. Enraged dog is an experimental mix of stop-motion, live action, miniatures and many other laborious techniques.

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The movie would have taken 30 years to make, but it’s finally coming to Shudder on June 16. With visuals that are both mind-blowing and heartbreaking, fans of Shudder can expect something with a flavor unlike most mainstream horror fare.

8 The Revealer sees two opposites to avoid the apocalypse (6/23)

When it comes to local “odd couples,” there are few diametrically opposed matches that a stripper and a religious protester butt heads at a peep show booth. However, this is the mash-up premise of the new movie, Developerset in ’80s Chicago, written by acclaimed comic book writers Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Michael Moreci (The parcel) and directed by Luke Boyce.

To make matters worse, the two must work together to survive the impending apocalypse. The film will premiere on Shudder on June 23.

seven The long (and possibly the worst) night (6/30)

June 30 sees the premiere of The long night on Frisson. The film tells the story of a young woman named Grace, who, together with her boyfriend, travels south to meet Grace’s family. However, things quickly go from disturbing to terrifying, as the pair are drawn into the clutches of a doomsday cult with big plans for Grace.

The film was written by Robert Sheppe and Mark Young, directed by Rich Ragsdale, and stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies).

6 Eye Of The Cat is a scary little oddity (6/1)

Written by Joseph Stefano – famous for adapting Robert Bloch’s novel, psychologyin a screenplay for Alfred Hitchcock – Cat’s eye (1969) is a weird little horror movie that’s more weird than good. However, that doesn’t mean horror fans looking for minor obscurities should skip this one – it’s a hoot. The film tells the very messy story of an elderly woman with an affinity for cats, and her nephews who want to prevent her from leaving her inheritance to her feline friends. As absurdly executed as it may seem on paper, Cat’s eye is for the midnight crowd.

5 Eloy De La Iglesia gets his due on Shudder (6/1)

For Pride Month, Shudder is celebrating by spotlighting a handful of films by Spanish queer filmmaker, Eloy de la Iglesia, whose series of horror thrillers set in the 70s and 80s are thrilling genre gems.

Movies added to Shudder include: cannibal man (1972), about a butcher who must cover up an accidental murder with increasingly violent consequences; El Pico (1983), set in the criminal underworld of Spain’s drug trade; El Pico 2 (1984), continuing the underworld story of the first film; Navajeros (1980), a 70s gang movie full of drugs and crime; and No one heard the cry (1973), a Giallo-style horror about a man trying to get rid of his wife’s body.

4 John Carpenter’s Lovecraftian Horror Tale, Into the Mouth of Madness (6/1)

1994 film by John Carpenter, In the mouth of madness, is one of the lesser-seen films by the master of the genre, but remains a worthy entry into his oeuvre. The film revolves around John Trent (Sam Neill), an insurance investigator who is tasked with tracking down a missing author.

Author, Sutter Cane, has written a series of highly successful Lovecraftian horror novels that seem to have a ripple effect on readers. What emerges is a nightmarish story of dubious reality, in which John must figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

3 Two B series come out of the sewers with Alligator and Alligator II (6/2)

What makes adding Alligator (1980) and Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) to Shudder so exciting is that they’re new transfers from the original prints, which means they’re going to be fantastic. John Sayles, writer/director of lone starand author of The howling wrote the screenplay for the first film, which was directed by B-film director Lewis Teague (Cujo, Cat’s eye).

Alligator tells the story of a flushed alligator who comes into contact with chemical waste from a laboratory inside the sewage system. The first movie is great. The second, much less, but as far as the newly digitized dual features go, it’ll be a fun ride.

2 The Sins of the Father in The Clovehitch Killer (6/13)

2018 The Clove Killer is a dark coming-of-age story that takes an unexpected turn. Set in a town where 10 years ago a serial killer murdered a group of young women, the film follows Tyler Burnside as he navigates his youth.

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When a found photograph leads Tyler to suspect his father of Clovehitch’s killer, he enlists the help of a young amateur sleuth and together the two seek to solve the case. Things go from bad to worse, because they take a path of no return.

1 The Wild Boys are a trippy adventure (6/6)

From the jump, audiences know they’re in the presence of something special when they sit down to watch. wild boys (2017). Written and directed by Bertrand Mandico, the film tells the story of five teenagers who commit an act of murder and end up being sent aboard a ship supervised by a captain who wants to save children from their urges.

The film is a psychedelic snow globe that established its director as a go-to filmmaker. Interestingly, all five boys are played by actresses.


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