NB Rock Band Releases Animated Music Video


A rock band from New Brunswick got creative when it comes to their new music video for one of their latest tracks.

Rock band Motherhood’s track, titled “Ripped Sheet,” is the lead single from their new album, “Winded.”

The video for the track, which was released this week, shows a colorful creation made by an animator hired by the group.

“She turned us all into sea creatures that look exactly like us,” said Penelope Stevens, a member of the group Motherhood.

“The whole theme of this album is kind of based on natural forces and how nature can just act as a metaphor for a lot of human emotions. The album is called ‘Winded’. There’s a lot wind and storms and natural aggression, I guess, in the album.”

This is a theme that Amery Sandford, visual artist from Newfoundland and Labrador, worked on when creating the animations for the video.

“They were talking about living in Fredericton and talking about the floods and the water, so I wanted to do their video about this kind of future land where the only way to go around is on a boat and everything is kind of flooded,” Sandford said.

The concept really came to life, featuring familiar images of the Fredericton surroundings.

“In the video, they’re doing this little trick and they’ve transformed into these mutated amphibious sea creatures to survive and thrive in their new environment,” Sandford said.

“So I was thinking about floods and climate change, even though the video is very funny and inspired by Jacques Cousteau and Spongebob Squarepants.”

For Motherhood, it was an easy choice of artist to represent their work.

“We still really love her animation and everything she does as a visual artist is so much fun and I knew I really wanted her to animate something,” Stevens said.

“So we gave her a few different options and she connected the most with that song. It’s a short, fun little punk song.”

Motherhood’s next album, “Winded,” is set to be released on June 24.


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