Residents can sign up for emergency alerts on their mobile phone


Posted: Apr 05, 2022 07:00

Signing up for city emergency notifications just got easier – residents can now sign up to receive local CodeRED messages on their cellphones.

Those interested can sign up by simply texting “Newtown” to 99411.

This system allows the Emergency Communications Center to provide information to the community in the event of an emergency.

“We still want people to sign up for CodeRED,” said Maureen Will, director of communications for the Newtown Emergency Communications Center. “Now that people can use their phones, it’s nice and easy.”

Will told The Newtown Bee on March 29 that the emergency management department uses CodeRED “very sensibly.”

“We know if people see a call from CodeRED, they get nervous,” Will said. “If we make a CodeRED call, that’s very important information.”

The types of notifications residents can expect include information about storms that could damage city infrastructure or residents’ personal property or when residents should shelter in place, power outages, current affecting major parts of the city, targeted notifications to certain areas for missing or missing children. people, criminal activity and fires.

Will said head coach Dan Rosenthal also used CodeRED to release information about the COVID-19 pandemic at its worst.

Rosenthal said CodeRED is a “great tool for keeping the community informed about critical issues.” He said in his last check that 21,000 phone numbers were registered for Newtown’s CodeRED alerts. He thinks the city should push CodeRED from time to time to get more people to sign up and be aware of “critical and urgent” things.

“I’m glad people can now do it [sign up] on their phones,” Rosenthal said.

Will also wanted to assure residents that OnSolve, the company that owns CodeRED, would never sell their personal information or release their phone number. While registrants are asked to agree to an agreement allowing CodeRED to contact them and allowing them to receive information from the city, this information is not passed on to any third parties.

“CodeRED is safe, secure, and works great,” Will said.

Will said the city has been using CodeRED for 15 to 16 years, and in his previous job at Brookfield he was used there as well.

Residents can also register online at

For more information, contact the will at 203-270-4296.


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