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I am quite impressed with Titan Chaser. Its atmosphere is a little scary and gives a very mysterious feeling from the start of the game. Especially by all the visual graphics, which are dark and without music; calm. This game can really provide the player with engaging gameplay as there are many different tasks to accomplish. Everyone starts at the same motel place at night, by the way, it’s always night in this game. The main job of you as a female character in the game is to seek out Titans, large, mystical-style creatures that can sometimes be scary for a few players or amazing to see when you finally find one.

When I tried this game I was delighted to play it and see how it all goes as I progressed with the task at hand. I couldn’t say it was very easy, but it was a little more fun just enjoying the global environment and how realistic it was to get around. I think there is one thing that players might miss like I do. Even though the interior locations seem a bit bright, some graphics when driving outside in such a dark and hazy environment can be a bit difficult to see. Not sure if this was meant to add to the difficulty of the game or just add something for a more spooky nighttime appearance. Regardless, it just won’t be an easy game to play, especially if the visual graphics, light on or off can seem quite difficult to work with.

I don’t mean to say this game isn’t worth trying, but for the game that wants the player to feel relaxed, it’s really not relaxing. Also, I had some issues with the controls, especially in the car. I just wish there was some controller mapping to help know what to expect and how you can adjust the view of the camera, possibly get that positioning further away than you can see the car from outside, directly through the windshield. Between you and me, I had actually sunk my vehicle in the water because I couldn’t see where I was going, on the road, or if I was out of it!

Fortunately, there are these checkpoints that help me get back to where I left off recently. They get involved in surprising parts of the game, like using a phone, turning on the radio, and more. Not a typical or automatic range of a location. It is in fact during an action carried out. A whole new change from what many games use to record location, which could be a distance; time spent towards the game.

In addition, there is so much that the player can accomplish, not just that of the objective of each level chosen from the start, which requires you to find these Titans. As a gamer you can collect achievements which is why I love playing this on Xbox. It’s a great game of doing weird things like spilling 50 messages for an achievement or just turning on the radio. Regardless, this game has a lot to enjoy.

Now, I’m quite grateful that the character we play out loud says what we need to do or see when we get to a specific location. In addition, certain words appear in white along with useful labeling of objects telling you what you can access, use, activate or deactivate, etc. This feature is something different from a lot of games that you are trying to figure out where or what to do next. This limits what you should think is accessible, so that you don’t waste time during the game trying to remove or pick up something when it can’t be used.

I have another problem while playing and it is with the person speaking. Well, we are the ones who are playing and moving around in the game. The problem I have sometimes; maybe I should also blame the surrounding noises that are happening at the same time. However, I think it can be a bit difficult to hear what she is saying sometimes. Maybe it’s just me. Despite this problem, I’m thankful that after returning to a specific area it causes her to repeat what she just said, and even the words reappear. At least that’s something to be thankful for. So I can’t get lost on what to do next or what I’m being told. This happens in each area of ​​the game as the player moves through the different missions in each level.

For gamers who might find themselves struggling with the screen view. I’m happy to mention that there are a few tweaks that can be made in the settings menu. Perfect for different TVs or maybe just to clearly get a little clearer front view as we walk around this world. Still, I don’t think it does much for the fine print that appears at the bottom. they are always the same size. I guess for my time playing, I didn’t really feel that it helped me much while playing.

For the main objectives and tasks at hand, these creatures and discoveries of Titan are interesting, a little scary, and maybe a lot for a few players including myself, especially the Kraken. When you never know where they will appear and see them in the sky take off or located on the ground and in the water. Nonetheless, they will appear and your goal of chasing them away with the light is mainly all you need to do to complete the task. There is light on our vehicle which makes it useful, and a few need to be turned on to help illuminate their path much more. Again, it’s not too difficult to play, but getting to the location may be the only issue as the fog can complicate things which I have noticed every time I play.

Finally, this game offers more free style gameplay than just getting things done right away. You can just sit back and travel around collecting achievements if you like. Of course, when you’re ready, the goal is to simply hunt those Titans with each level of play. In my opinion, I find this to be slightly entertaining, a little too difficult to understand as the graphics blind my vision. environment and maybe prevent me from finding this game as something that I wouldn’t find myself playing if I can’t stand very close to my TV to find out what’s going on.

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