Serious print media on Rajamouli…

Among the star directors of Tollywood, it is known that the rajamouli road is different. Jakkana doesn’t mind spending big bucks on movies. Jakkana is known to have raised expectations for the film by giving a series of interviews related to the movie rrr. Although the creators of Radheshyam and Bhimla nayak have released the second trailer of their films, rajamouli has not even released the second trailer of RRR.

However, industry sources claim that Jakkana is the master of print media. Neither Jakkana nor the rrr team are interested in giving interviews to popular telugu magazines. Advertisements usually arrive in the print media when major movies are released. However, in the case of rrr, the opposite is reported to happen. Jakkana gave interviews even though he did not give commercials during the film Bahubali.

In rrr’s case, rajamouli is tough on the print media. rajamouli is not very interested in spending money and promoting the film as there are already unexpected expectations on RRR. On the other hand, there are allegations that distributors are selling rrr tickets on the block. One ticket is said to have been sold for Rs 3,000 per block in Hyderabad. It remains to be seen how distributors and producers will react to this campaign.

The public has criticized the fact that rrr ticket prices are too high. Audiences who want to see this movie in theaters will have to spend a lot more due to increased ticket prices. It remains to be seen whether the film rrr will be a success beyond the expectations of the public. The result of this film will be revealed in a few hours.


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