#TBT: RIM against NTP; CFOs love cell phones; Flaps, sliders and pivoting screens … this week in 2005


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RIM vs NTP: patent battle

The tumultuous legal battle between BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. and the patent-holding company NTP Inc. has brought some unexpected players out of the woods. RIM competes with Microsoft Corp. and Seven Networks Inc., as well as chipmaker Intel Corp., recently filed documents in the case. The documents argue various legal minutiae, but also highlight the growing legal importance of the case. The Intel, Microsoft and Seven cases each rest on a key decision in the NTP v RIM case. The courts have ruled that RIM’s BlackBerry offer infringes NTP’s patents even though BlackBerry emails are managed from an operations center in Canada. The ruling calls into question the influence of US patents in other countries. Specifically, Seven sides with RIM, arguing that US patents should not apply in other countries. “If the panel’s decision is upheld, entities such as Seven Networks Inc. can never be sure that their services and technologies will not violate US patent laws,” Seven wrote in her filing. Seven’s argument is particularly notable because the company competes with RIM in wireless email. Intel also supports RIM’s position, arguing that US patents should not extend beyond the country’s borders. … Learn more

UK gets pre-WiMAX network

SITTINGBOURNE, UK – UK regional operator Telabria has launched a pre-WiMAX network that spans 850 square miles – including 675,000 homes and 60,000 businesses – in the South East of England. The carrier said the network offers higher speeds than landline offerings at a lower price. “Skylink’s ability to go far beyond copper, combined with very competitive pricing and the merging of data and voice into one service, sets a new standard for broadband connectivity,” Jim said. Baker, founder and CEO of the operator. Telabria’s Skylink offering is offered at various price points and includes calling services using Voice over Internet Protocol technology. The service is available to residential users and businesses with service level agreements and works through a modem installed on the roof of a building. The carrier’s Skylink Pro service starts at around $ 92 for 1.5 megabits per second… Read More

CFOs Love Cell Phones

MENLO PARK, Calif .– According to a survey by Robert Half Management Resources, financial executives say their cell phones are even more essential than laptops. The personnel division of Robert Half International found that 44% of U.S. CFOs cited the mobile phone as the most essential wearable technology they use, while 39% said their laptops were the tool they used. could least afford to go their separate ways. Handheld wireless devices ranked third, garnering 8 percent of the vote. “Reflecting the needs of today’s busy professionals, the latest mobile phone technology combines the best of both worlds, including access to email and the Internet that enable extended capabilities in a single tool,” said said Paul McDonald, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources. . … Learn more

“Mobile aficionados” to stimulate the use of video and live television?

DALLAS-The initial market for video content and live TV services on mobile platforms will be led by a small group of dedicated users, according to a new report from Parks Associates. Parks said the majority of those consumers belong to a consumer segment dubbed “mobile phone aficionados”, which includes more than 40 million Internet users. The “Mobile Entertainment Platforms and Services” study found that 13% of users who own one or more portable devices want to integrate live TV functionality into those devices. Twelve percent of 2,000 survey respondents said the ability to watch videos such as movie trailers and feature films is important. “The percentages of consumers interested in mobile video / TV services are lower than those of other functions such as taking photos and listening to music,” said Yuanzhe Cai, senior analyst at Parks Associates. … Learn more

’05 Handsets: Clamshells, Sliders & Swivel Displays

Cingular Wireless LLC, T-Mobile USA Inc., and device provider i-mate were among those who brought new phones to market. Cingular has announced that it will sell two new low-end flip phones from LG Electronics Co. Ltd. The LG C2000 will sell for $ 60 with a service contract and includes a built-in speaker and camera. The LG C1500 will sell for $ 30 with a service contract and has a color display and multimedia messaging capabilities. “Handsets like the C2000 and C1500 represent the core of LG’s consumer promise,” said Jon Maron, LG’s chief marketing officer. “These handsets incorporate the latest advancements in design and technology from LG and offer robust and feature-rich mobile phones at a price range, so consumers always have a choice when choosing an LG phone.” Not to be outdone, T-Mobile USA introduced the new slider-style e635 from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The phone has a camera and speakerphone and sells for $ 150 with a service contract. Finally, i-mate announced that it will sell an advanced Windows Mobile device on its website and in its outlets starting this month. … Learn more

It happens! A Motorola iTunes phone! (Psst, this is the ROKR)

Motorola Inc. plans to unveil its highly anticipated iTunes-enabled mobile phone on September 7, said an analyst familiar with the company’s plans. The device will be sold through Cingular Wireless LLC Roger Entner, vice president of wireless telecommunications with research and consulting firm Ovum, said the phone will allow users to listen to digital music from the download service. iTunes Music Player from Apple Computer Corp. He did not provide details on the phone or the service. Cingular and Motorola officials were not immediately available for comment. Apple recently announced a media event scheduled for September 7th. However, Motorola has also scheduled a media event for September 7, promising that the “device formerly known as the cell phone” is ready for its next act. Please join us for an evening of fun, music and growth. Motorola chief executive Ed Zander is expected to deliver speeches at two different financial analyst meetings on September 7, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both meetings are in New York. Motorola’s media event is also in New York, scheduled to begin in the evening. Apple’s media event is scheduled for the morning of September 7 in San Francisco. The industry has been inundated with iTunes phone speculation since Motorola announced an iTunes partnership with Apple last year. Apple’s iTunes service works with its very popular iPod digital music device. … Learn more

Sprint Nextel acquires more of its subsidiaries

Sprint Nextel Corp. continued to spend money on problems at its subsidiaries, announcing plans to acquire a pair of network partners – IWO Holdings Inc. and Gulf Coast Wireless LP – for more than $ 700 million. The agreements will add more than 330,000 direct customers to Sprint Nextel’s operations and end ongoing litigation between Gulf Coast Wireless and Sprint Nextel. Sprint Nextel said it would pay $ 427 million to IWO Holdings, including assuming $ 208 million in debt. IWO Holdings shareholders will receive $ 42.50 per share in cash, with the transaction expected to close in the fourth quarter. Sprint Nextel noted that the value of the transaction is 10.8 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization adjusted for the impact of special items for the 12 months ending June 30 and 8.5 times EBITDA. adjusted from 2006. IWO Holdings, which was split from its affiliate US Unwired Inc. earlier this year following the IWO Holdings reorganization case, serves over 237,000 subscribers and covers approximately 4.8 million customers potential in parts of New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. . Sprint Nextel bought Gulf Coast Wireless for a paltry $ 287.5 million, including debt assumption. … Learn more

Verizon signs VCast agreements with Shakira and John Legend

BEDMINSTER, NJ-Verizon Wireless has added to its music offering, announcing exclusive deals with pop star Shakira and rhythm and blues artist John Legend. The transporter has released two ringtone versions of Shakira’s hit single “La Tortura”, as well as a ringback tone and a music video of the song. Verizon hopes to attract users to its Vcast service by offering the video at no additional cost to new media service subscribers at $ 15 per month. … Learn more

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