The greatest Bradley Cooper movies of all time


You can’t just make a blockbuster movie based on a famous party. Just ask “Fred Claus” or countless other features. But it doesn’t hurt to have your beloved vacation inspired movie if that specific day doesn’t have a ton of movies based on it. Many romantic films have been opened for Valentine’s Day, but it is rare to find films devoted to this romantic holiday. Thus, “Valentine’s Day”, the 2010 Garry Marshall film, filled a niche in the market, which is why it was such a huge success.

It didn’t hurt that the film brought together so many famous actors in one movie thanks to an intentionally star-packed cast that people associate with the romantic comedy genre. Bradley Cooper was just one of the grown-ups here, with Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, and Anne Hathaway (among many others) part of the sprawling cast. With all of these famous faces, it’s no wonder “Valentine’s Day” managed to get $ 217.5 million worldwide, a huge achievement under its budget and a testament to what happens if you manage to correctly associate your movie with a famous party.


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