The Most Ridiculous Aquatic Monster Movies That Ever Happened


There are few precious things in your life that can prepare you for the onslaught of weird and silly images that make up the 1978 Taiwanese action-fantasy film “Little Hero”. The film is a great introduction to the bizarre film career of martial arts star Polly Shang-Kwan, who started with legendary director King Hu but found her groove, so to speak, in bizarre Taiwanese films like “Little Hero “. As was the case in many of her films, Polly here plays a character seen as a boy, despite all evidence to the contrary. This element underlines the film’s deep estrangement from any sense of reality, which only deepens with each passing moment.

Volumes could be written about the film’s inherent weirdness – its competing teams of outraged heroes and villains, which include kung fu superstar Lo Lieh in a gold mask, dudes in tiger makeup and a little person named. Vampire – and the late great historian and blogger Todd Stadtman does a great job detailing his eccentricities here. For the purposes of this article, let’s watch a sequence in which Polly, in pursuit of Lieh, finds herself on a beach occupied by two huge but bulky octopuses.

Said mollusks take it upon themselves to challenge Polly into a fight, which turns in her favor in large part due to her ability to carefully step over their tentacles. The Octopoids mount a unique attack – they produce and fire at her what appear to be baby octopuses like missiles – before two of Polly’s sidekicks appear to turn the tide. The trio chase after the creatures as they flee into the ocean and appear to beat them insanely, while laughing wildly. And from there things get weird.


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