This short power bank will instantly charge cell phones; His speed fails well


Anker has launched its powerful “Anker 737 PowerCore 24K” power bank, which is small in appearance but has the power to keep the laptop charged instantly. The new Anker 737 PowerCore 24K Power Bank with 24,000mAh capacity is priced at $149 (around Rs. 12,000) and comes with bi-directional charging support up to 140W, which can fast charge even modern laptops and the fastest smartphones. Interestingly, the new power bank also comes with a color screen, which displays useful stats related to device charging and capacity. It also has two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port for charging other devices.

Anker 737 Power Bank Price and Availability
The Anker 737 PowerCore 24K is currently only available in select markets, including the United States, and is priced at $149 (around Rs. 12,000). The power bank is available for purchase from Anker’s official website and as of now, it is sold in only one black color option. Whether Anker will launch the 737 PowerCore 24K in India, no information has yet been revealed.

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Anker 737 Power Bank Features
The Anker 737 PowerCore 24K, as the name suggests, packs a battery capacity of 24,000mAh. There are two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port, but no cables are included in the sales package. The GaN (gallium nitride) power bank is Power Delivery 3.1 compatible, so you will need to purchase your own PD 3.1 compatible cable to get the most out of the power bank’s fast charging capabilities. According to the official website, this power bank can charge 3 devices simultaneously. On a full charge, it can charge iPhone 13 4.9 times, Samsung Salaxy S22 4.5 times, and Macbook Air 2020 (M1) 1.3 times. Thanks to its 140W fast charging technology, it can recharge the 16″ MacBook Pro by 50% in just 40 minutes. The company claims it charges up to 7 times faster than a standard portable charger.

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The device has a 140W bi-directional input-output, so the power bank can be quickly charged as well as any connected device. For comparison, most powerbanks available in India charge around 20-22.5W, so the Anker PowerCore 24K is quite fast and can be used to quickly charge even modern laptops with USB Type-vs. This, of course, will decrease when multiple devices are connected to the charger immediately. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K is its built-in color screen, which displays the power bank’s remaining charge, battery status details, and the charging output of each. device. individual port. That being said, the display uses around 15% of the battery in 24 hours, which is why the company advised turning it off when not in use.


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