What you should do with old cell phones


Don’t know what to do with old cell phones? Don’t throw away those old phones until you’ve checked out these ideas that can breathe new life into your old cell phones, even if it’s just parts.

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Use # 1: Not waking up your grandma

Make your old cell phones permanent bedside companions with an app that can help you fall asleep or make your day easier. To try CARROT alarm, a fun variation of an alarm clock with witty dialogue, songs and an innovative alarm clock system. Or download Pzizz to guide you into deep sleep, then wake up gently in the morning. Since there is no need to carry this extra phone around all day, leave it by your bedside to charge it. But don’t let it charge all day. Find out how keeping your electronics plugged in can mean wasting a lot of money.

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Use # 2: A Simple Home Security Camera

Use this built-in camera and WiFi connection to turn your old cell phone, tablet or laptop into a security system. Download an app like Presence or, like Popular science suggest, “set up a separate Skype account on an old laptop, then configure the program to automatically accept incoming video calls. This will allow you to call home from the office or commute and check in your pets. company whenever you want, with no complicated software to set up and no cost to pay If you are replacing your old phone because of battery life, there are ways to preserve the battery life of your new phone.


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