Wishek PE teacher uses cellphones to help children in weightlifting


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Most schools try to get students to put their phones down during class, but a gym teacher in Wishek has found a way to incorporate them into each student’s training plan.

When you look inside a weight training class at Wishek School, you may notice that many students have their phones turned off during their workouts. But it’s not because they’re on Snapchat; it is because they are looking for specific workouts adapted to their needs.

“Tuesday I do an upper body kind of, so a bench press, a shoulder kind of thing, and then Wednesday we like an active recovery day, so stretch, relax our muscles,” said Seth Wolf, Wishek Senior Public School.

Students use an application called PLT4M (Platform) for their weights and conditioning training.

The app tells students how many repetitions of each exercise to do and provides videos on how to do them.

The physical education teacher says all workouts were created by certified strength and conditioning trainers.

“I think this app is much more efficient for us because it knows what weights to do and takes less time for our weight teacher,” said Ashley Muller, senior at Wishek Public School.

The teacher has previously said that he prints practice plans for students, but as the class has grown over the past five years, he has been looking for a more efficient way to accommodate students at different levels.

“The growth weight room has really been a success thanks to our school board, our community and our administration and just the other teachers in general, everyone kind of agrees with that,” said Chuck Brandner, physical education and bodybuilding teacher at Wishek Public School.

Seventy-one students in Grades 7-12 are in this class and use this app, and if a student does not have a cell phone, they can consult a tablet from the desk.

Brandner says that although the students took out their phones in class, he didn’t have much of an issue with the students coping with their phones.

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