Would fans pay to see superhero movies, but without the superheroes?


via Marvel Studios/Sony/Warner Bros.

You might think the question posed in the title above sounds ridiculous, but it’s definitely worth discussing, given that the most iconic superheroes ever created are all well-rounded, well-rounded characters. three dimensions that have lives without costumed crime fighting that are ripe for exploration.

We’ve seen countless blockbusters depicting fearless heroes battling the forces of evil and saving the world from catastrophic destruction, but would there be any point in seeing a well-known and iconic comic book figure take center stage? scene in a movie that doesn’t even have action sequences? It’s a debate going on on Reddit right now, and as you might have guessed, everyone seems to have a different opinion.

Although it seems utterly pointless at first glance, we’ve seen many acclaimed films revolve around broke college students struggling to get by, working multiple part-time jobs and experiencing relationship difficulties along the way, so why couldn’t one of them happen to have Peter Parker in mind?

Likewise, corporate espionage and boardroom machinations have proven to be incredibly fertile creative ground when it comes to high-pressure thrillers and prestige dramas, whereas say we couldn’t get any gripping standalone films that coincidentally take place at Wayne Enterprises or Stark Industries. ?

It’s a fascinating concept the more you think about it, especially when there are so many Earth superheroes doing day-to-day jobs. A Barton family drama, perhaps? A prison escape tale with Scott Lang? Clark Kent doing his best to maintain journalistic integrity as the print media slowly dies? The possibilities are limitless.


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